How to Create an Achievable Bucket List

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Everyone talks about accomplishing tasks on their bucket lists before they kick the bucket. In reality, that list is half-formed and filled with items that may be cookie-cutter versions of what’s expected to be on a bucket list — like climbing Mt. Everest or walking the entire Appalachian Trail.

Dare to dream big but challenge yourself to find the rewards and merits in reaching achievable goals. It doesn’t mean you’re giving up your dreams or settling.

Give yourself slack, so you’ll create an achievable bucket list custom-fit to your lifestyle and passions. It also makes your bucket list more flexible and yet specific — which increases your likelihood of checking those items off.

Keep it Simple

Of people who set goals for the New Year, 92 percent end up failing to accomplish those goals, and 34 percent give up after one month. While that’s not a bucket list, the shorter amount of time and stats show that people frequently give up on themselves and their dreams every year.

Keeping the details simple allows you to customize your achievable bucket list item with specifics of your own design and circumstances. Simplicity doesn’t mean you must skip specificity.

Simplify it further by breaking your bucket list item into achievable bucket list steps. What if your goal is to travel to an area of China where your family line comes from? Your first step will include applying for your passport. You will need to follow the directions for taking your photo, filling out the form and paying the proper amount. At first, these steps may feel overwhelming, but each completed action item gets you a step closer to the bigger goal.

Choose Items that Fit You

Don’t put items on your bucket list that don’t fit with your personality, dreams or expressive nature. Your bucket list must resonate with you on a soul level. When a goal holds a deep meaning, you’re more likely to achieve it.

You may not yet know what that deeper meaning consists of for you. So, write about your life and about life in general on a regular basis. Revisit these entries and flesh them out. You are 42 percent more likely to achieve your dreams and goals when you write them down regularly.

What are your passions? Do you love to dance? What about taking a master class with an expert teacher locally or overseas? Do you love to write? Why not try for a scholarship to a writer’s retreat? Choose items that fit you, and let your passion carry you forward.

Get in a Manifest Mindset

Use those do-nothing days to achieve “smaller” but significant items on your achievable bucket list. Try these on for size:

  • Dancing in the rain: Don’t get sick, but dare to run outside, toss your arms up to the sky and twirl, if at least for one minute.
  • Reading five books in five weeks in five different genres Are you comfortable with science fiction? Read a biography of a science fiction author and expand out to poetry.
  • Going on an archaeological dig: It doesn’t have to be in a different country because there are many local opportunities.
  • Paying it forward: Buy the next person in line a coffee or help someone make up the difference in change when short.Aim for bigger goals by taking simple but specific steps toward those items. The little goals matter as much as the big goals, and it makes you stop to smell the roses more.

Flow with Your Intuition and Needs

Your achievable bucket list doesn’t have to go from A to Z or in 1-2-3 steps. Life is chaotic and imposes challenging circumstances on you that may deter you from accomplishing your goals, but don’t let that hold you back. Find a solution in flowing with your intuition and needs.

When life makes lemons, find an alternative sweetener for that tart lemonade. Where there’s a will, there’s a way — no matter how strangely or boringly it manifests.

Put money in your bank account toward the goal by using an app like Digit or Qapital to squirrel away cash as your next step toward your achievable bucket list item. If that means only saving an extra fifty-seven cents at Starbucks, then so be it! Your goals are achievable even when you are cash-strapped. Pinch those pennies!

Flowing with your rhythm is a whole new level of self-care because you’re taking care of your holistic and practical needs while moving toward the future.

Creating an achievable bucket list doesn’t mean settling in life or bailing on your dreams. It’s next level mindfulness in bucket list making and goal accomplishment.

Dare to dream big, but also dare to dance in the rain from time to time. What you do in this life, be it big or small, matters.


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