How to Create the Perfect Travel Outfit

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When you’re about to go on a trip, there’s a lot that you have to think about before you leave. There’s a ton of planning involved regarding where you’re going to go. Your destination narrows down what you can do while you’re there and places you can eat at. You’ll also have to think about how much everything costs and what the exchange rate is if you’re going to another country that uses different currency. The last thing on your mind is what the perfect travel outfit will be!

In reality, your travel outfit will affect how your trip starts, which can make or break a vacation. If you have a terrible experience getting to even the dreamiest of locations, you’ll look back on your trip and think about how it would have been perfect if only the travel had been easier. Avoid this on all your future trips by learning how to create the perfect travel outfit. You don’t need to spend a bunch of money to put one together, either — just use what you already have!

Read on for some inspiration for how you can make the perfect travel outfit that will help you start any trip off on the right note. All you need to do is consider what your travel preferences are before you put your outfit together! You’ll find that you’ll have everything you need to be comfortable, no matter what happens during your trip.

Wear a Cotton T-Shirt

Cotton is a very flexible, breathable fabric, so it can handle any temperatures you come across. If you’re going on a road trip, you might get stuck on the side of the car that gets the most sun. A cotton t-shirt will help keep you cool. There won’t be any insulation to worry about, so you can keep wearing it after your traveling ends.

Bring Along a Cardigan

Airplanes are notorious for being either stuffy or extremely cold. On shorter trips, you might feel like you can weather the temperature out, but on longer trips, uncomfortable temperatures can ruin a flight. Bring along a cardigan so you don’t have to worry about this issue. When you sit down, you can slip it on if you notice that the air conditioning is on full blast, and if it’s not, you can set it aside for later. It’s much better to have something warm to put on than nothing to warm up with at all.

Walk Out in Slip Ons

Traveling is no time to break in those new pair of sandals, so pack those in your suitcase for later and opt to travel in slip ons instead. They’ll be a big help at the airport when you’re going through security so you don’t hold up the line, and if you’ll be in a car, you can take them on and off quickly at rest stops to save time. Make sure to check out some of the best options before you buy anything, so you’ll know you’re getting good quality shoes that will last a long time.

Find Comfortable Pants

One of the worst feelings on a trip is realizing too late that your pants don’t fit comfortably while you’re sitting down. Sure, that didn’t matter so much when you were driving over to the airport or wearing them to the movies last weekend, but when you’re sitting for long periods of time, uncomfortable pants will be the only thing you’re able to think about. Wear stretchy yoga pants or worn in jeans while you travel so you don’t have to be annoyed by tight or itchy pants.

Never Forget a Scarf

It doesn’t matter what the temperature is outside—always bring a scarf with you on a trip. They’re especially great to have on a plane, since you can make a blanket scarf into what you need. It could be a privacy tent or even a pillow. In the warmer months, pack a scarf in your carry on or what you’ll have by you in the car so you never get stuck in a situation where you realize you need it but can’t get to it.

Make It Personalized

You don’t have to feel like you’re being forced to look like everyone else just because you’ll all be wearing travel essentials. Whatever outfit you put together for your big travel day can be personalized. Some people enjoy getting new clothes to travel in, and if you have the resources to do that, great! If not, you can still mix and match what’s in your closet to have something new every time you leave the house.

Not sure where to start? You can look around online for travel outfit inspiration. It might jog your memory and help you find things you forgot you had, or get you excited to splurge on something new. There’s a million different ways to put together a travel outfit, as long as you know the basic items everyone should begin with.


In a way, it can feel like you’re trying to prepare for everything all at once when you’re packing. You have to consider what you’ll need days or even weeks ahead in the future. It’s important to not forget anything.

Any vacation or adventure is equally defined by how it goes while you’re at your destination and how your experience was getting there. Do you prefer to be warmer or colder when you travel? Do you want to look dressed up or wear traditional travel clothes? The answers to questions like these will help you figure out how to put together the perfect travel outfit for you, so you never have to worry about having a bad trip experience.


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    I love this post! I am planning my next big trip right now, so I am trying to take in every advice I can to make it as good as possible.

      • kacey
      • May 14, 2019

      I’m happy these tips helped!

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