How to Get a Natural Glow on the Go

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Everyone has a daily beauty routine, but I’ve noticed that mine always seems to change if I’m on the go. It doesn’t matter if I’m spending a Saturday by running errands around my hometown or traveling abroad on a fantastic adventure. How I treat my skin changes if my routine is altered. This isn’t always bad, since sometimes it’s good to go without a full face of makeup and just let your skin breathe, but sometimes the effects are noticeable.

The other day I was going to the store after running around, prepping for my next trip. When I stepped out and closed the front door to my car, I saw in my reflection that my face looked different. Life never seems to slow down, so I’ve been busy for a while, but my skin had changed because of it. It looked tired, like it needed a little extra love.

That’s when I realized that I’d been skipping my usual moisturizing method to save time. I figured I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, but I was so wrong! It inspired me to find out how to get a natural glow on the go so I wouldn’t have to feel the same way again, and neither would anyone else. Check out these suggestions on how to get a natural glow to keep your skin looking vibrant no matter where you are or what you’ll be doing.

Look for a Two in One

In any makeup drawer, there’s always a staple product that you can never seem to go without. My weakness is lotion, because it feels so good and smells amazing. There’s a lotion to fit any mood, but instead of grabbing my usual scent at the store next time, I’ll be buying a lotion that includes sunscreen. It’ll save my skin while I’m outside doing yard work or walking around, without the oily after effect of traditional sunscreen.

Bring Some Coconut Sugar

Traveling on a plane makes any beauty routine difficult because you must downsize all your favorite products. That’s why the next time I fly, I’m going to be bringing some coconut sugar with me. Because it’s a dry product, I don’t have to measure it out before throwing it in my suitcase. The coconut sugar is an all-natural exfoliate, which is why making your own facial scrub with it makes my list for how to get a natural glow without extra effort.

Keep Coconut Oil Handy

Can I just say that coconut is an all-around miracle food? When you’re able to bring any amount of beauty product with you to keep your skin fresh, always take along some coconut oil. It’s sold in almost any grocery or drug store, so it’s easy to pick up if you forgot it back home on a trip. Coconut oil has vitamin E in it, which enhances its nourishing properties for skin. If you’re wondering how to get a natural glow on a budget, coconut oil is your new best friend.

Buy Fresh Grapes

I tried this method out recently when I had some extra grapes in the fridge that I figured I wouldn’t be able to eat in time before they went bad, and it was so worth it. By slicing grapes in half and letting them sit on your face (or blending them up into a paste you can work into your skin), your body will absorb the vitamin C in the grape juice. It contains collagen and helps reverse aging, which is a lifesaver if you’re constantly on the go and fighting stress.

Carry Rose Water

Another way you can figure out how to get a natural glow is to try spritzing rose water on your face in the mornings. Since I’ve started this, it’s helped me banish irritated skin that I can get from sweating during a busy day. Use it morning or night to reduce the redness of your skin and cleanse your pores. Once your skin has been calmed by the mix of all natural rose extract mixed with water, you’ll have a natural glow that no one will be able to miss.


When I’m not paying attention to how my skin is doing, it loses that glow that keeps my face bright. I usually seem to forget about skin care when I’m on the go, which is why I’ve come up with easy and all natural solutions for how to get a natural glow without even trying. Once you bottle up that rose water or coconut sugar scrub, you won’t have to think about anything beyond what you have planned and the exciting things you’re looking forward to.


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