How to Love Your Tiny Space

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How to Love Your Tiny Space

These days more and more people are opting out of their neighborhood cookie cutter homes and moving into something more unique, something smaller and less complex — tiny homes. Comfortably living in a smaller home can require some creative adjustments, but loving your tiny space can be achieved. For those of you without a tiny home don’t worry — these tips are just as effective for tiny spaces in a more conventional home.


Creative Storage Solutions

Storage space can be a bit tricky when it comes to tiny spaces, but rest assured there’s plenty of tricks at your disposal to make your home functional and charming. Hanging items like pots and food canisters will leave the floor space open, allowing more room to move and space for necessities such as furniture. Another great way to create more storage is having furniture with built in storage.4052636556_ff8304bc84_b


Shrink Your Expectations

Gone are the days of full sized appliances, in order to get the most from your tiny space you should pay attention to scale — making sure you have what you need with room to move. This small range with a mini oven fits the design for a tiny home much better than a full sized stove would, and you might be surprised by how efficient it is. Make sure your appliances and other items are scaled according to space will allow the small spaces to flow, making them seem bigger than they really are.



Use Floating Shelves

Not only does floating shelving add more storage, it also takes up less space than a traditional wall of cabinets. Since floating shelves can collect more dust than regular cabinets they’re perfect for items that get used regularly. For instance, the coffee cups you use every morning would be an ideal fit for these floating shelves. Consider adding hooks to your shelves to increase their function, then you have not only the surface space of the shelf but the space below it to use as well. 



Keep It Light

Using light colors in your walls and furniture will help even the smallest spaces seem open and airy. Whites, beiges and light grays are perfect for making a space feel bigger. If you’re worried that a neutral setting will make your space feel cold you can easily add more color to a room with decorations and accents. Throw in some patterned pillows or a bright rug to bring a pop of color to the space.2014-05-Life-of-Pix-free-stock-photo-habitation-Loft


Get Rid of Clutter

Only keep out what you need: put away (or throw away) the rest! One of the best ways to make a small space look and feel better is by putting less items in it. Evaluate your belongings and decide what can go and what items you still need. Get rid of any clothing you don’t wear or that doesn’t fit, and say goodbye to the eight pairs of shoes that were taking up valuable space in your closet.  I like to keep the objects out that I use most frequently and keep them organized and in spots that make sense.  Don’t complicate your life by having messes! Filter out what is most important to you!


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