Rough it in Style with a Glamping Sleeping Bag

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Camping is a classic family trip and treasured past-time among friends to get away from it all. That first time you tried to rough it went horribly, but you reasoned that it’s a learning experience. Survival skills are vital, especially in the case of a zombie apocalypse or alien invasion — it could totally happen. But not today.

Right now, you’re planning and packing for a camping trip that goes down in the historical record of scrapbooks. So, you shouldn’t have to spend forever searching in the wilds of nature for edible mushrooms and berries to go with your freshly caught fish that you then have to clean and cook.

Face it — tons of prep work goes into camping, and you spend so much time preparing that you miss out on the memory-making and relaxing in the first place. You go out to connect with nature but miss out because you’re caught up in the grumpiness and frustration of all you have to do.

Who says you can’t rough it in style? Here are a few tips to make it easier on yourself and free up time to absorb the memories and sensory experiences, while still roughing it in the ways you most love.

Cozy Camping Blankets and Glamping Sleeping Bags

Say goodbye to uncomfortable functional fabrics that make plastic scrunching noises and wake everyone up, if you can even get to sleep in the first place in that scratchy death trap.

Your blankets at home form the perfect sleeping burrito, but those aren’t made for camping. You should invest in a glamping sleeping bag and cozy weather-friendly blankets.

Upgrade to cozy weather-friendly blankets and a glampworthy sleeping bag because your sleep shouldn’t suffer while you’re roughing it. Many glamping sleeping bags have a waterproof nylon exterior and are puffy, too, so you don’t have to give up your comfort for function. Add a natural wool or cotton blanket on top or inside the sleeping bag in a beautiful pattern for easy washing and glamping style.

Trendy Tee-Pee Style Tent

Glamping quickly grew into its own industry, and you can travel to remote destinations where luxurious tents and yurts await you. It’s more affordable and worth it to invest in a trendy tee-pee variation that gives you the glampiness for your hard-earned cash without losing the roughing element.

Glamping up your sleeping quarters is worth it to rough it for the rest of the trip. If you’re a hiker, you will need all the rest you can get. A tee-pee style tent still exposes you to the elements of nature while giving you just enough comfort to glamp in style. Larger sizes may prove difficult to set up, so make sure your crowd is big enough to assist.

Meal Kits

Meal kits help busy folks get through the week and still eat balanced and healthy meals. You can purchase mess kits for camping online through large online camping retailers or related small businesses, but you can also make your own meal kits with traditional meal prep.

You need to select more outdoor-friendly foods and make sure you store the food properly. Try making smaller meals and focus on convenience. Freeze-dried food, like pad thai, is still tasty, and all you have to do is add hot water. Don’t worry about making coffee — buy or pack it by the bottle. French presses are convenient for those who want to take a combo approach of glamping and roughing this necessary morning beverage.

Light it Up

Camping is a healthy way to reset your circadian rhythm as you use the sun’s movement to judge when to wake up and go to sleep. Campfires are beautiful but difficult, costly and unsafe to maintain throughout the night.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting ambient lighting or a light to enjoy a book before bed while camping. While you can strap a headlamp to a jug of water as an easy hack, there are more environmentally-friendly ways to light it up. Bring an LED candle or two for romance and ambiance inside the tee-pee and invest in solar lighting and batteries that run on the sun.


Rough it in style by eliminating all the prep work of one or two major elements of camping, such as preparing meals or your sleeping area. You’ll free up time to enjoy yourself and time with loved ones.


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