How to Wear Tough Trends With Confidence

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How to Wear Tough Trends With Confidence

Models always look so cool as they walk up and down the runways, but I think some of the hardest things to do are to look at what they are wearing and envision ourselves in the same exact outfit. It may be an even harder task to wear these “untouchable styles” with confidence. It is so easy to cloud our minds with the idea that some trends don’t translate from catwalk to closet, or so you think! 

It turns out that the fashion you see in New York, on the run way, in magazines or even movies can easily be reworked to fit into your wardrobe, whether or not you’re a professional supermodel. “Sidewalk supermodels” as I like to call it, have the potential to rock trends too, as long as they’re given a realistic, flattering spin.

I have gathered four of the toughest trends on the racks today and reconfigured them so they are easy to wear for everyone. Read on to find out what’s hot and see how you can make it work for you!


One ‘90s look that’s coming back in a major way: overalls. These all-in-one garments can look a bit baggy and, well, farm-ready, so make sure your pair is as tailored as possible. Fortunately, because they are so trendy, many overalls now come with slim or fitted legs already, which saves you that trip to a yard sale or digging through a bunch of your older relatives clothing (which at times can actually be fun..but I will save that for another day). You can easily complete this look with a cute top underneath, either a sleek more fitting shirt that won’t add too much bulk, such as a tank, or even a cute bra, or you can dress it up for Fall by adding a sweater and a pair of shoes that elongate your legs. Be cautious in choosing your pieces so that nothing is too baggy or clunky, in order to step away from the overall’s rural undertones. However, lets be real: overalls are a bit strange. That is what makes them so lovable! If you find that your overalls do fit a bit snug, or too lose, rock them! It is important that you feel comfortable in them, not all outfits are meant to look perfect. Think of them as a trendy version of one piece pajamas that you get to wear during the day and you will be sure to want to include this as a go-to outfit in your closet!




Yellow is a really hot tone right now. Unfortunately, yellow has been a color that critics have said does not flatter many skin tones and undertones. I think we can totally prove them wrong though! The best way around this rumor is to find a pattern that incorporates
yellow with other colors you feel more comfortable in. You could also try adding a yellow purse or scarf to your accessory arsenal so you have just enough color as you walk out of the door, or pairing your yellow
piece of clothing with a chambray jacket or any other piece of neutral toned clothing. If you decide to be daring and want to wear yellow alone, try picking a piece of clothing which has a variety of textures, tones and other delicate patterns or embellishments that help tone down the color. I sometimes find that the easiest way to introduce something new in your life is to introduce yourself to it little by little. If you don’t think yellow is your thing, its okay! Try adding various warmer shades into your wardrobe and work your way there!


camel coat
Over-sized Outerwear

BIG COATS. They look a bit bubbly and – dare we say – a tad bit crazy looking, but they are SO IN right now.  If you are anything like me, over-sized clothing is not something to be scared of.  In most shirt sizes I wear a small, but whenever I buy sweaters or jackets I am the first person to size up! Being warm and comfortable is a must, especially as the colder weather rolls through.  If you can manage to stay a bit stylish while doing so, you are golden my friend!  There’s no need to fret with finding your over-sized jacket though. All you have to do is find one that’s proportional to your frame. If you’re having a hard time finding an oversized coat that’s flattering, choose one with other over-sized elements, such as a bell sleeve or a larger hood. Be sure to pair it with a simple, slim silhouette: A fitted tee, skinny jeans or even leggings will give you a more structured look!


Trendy-Outfit-Idea-with-Loose-Pants-and-Crop-Top Crop Tops

Make no mistake: Crop tops are here to stay. This means that every fashionista can and will want to do her best to find a crop top look that flatters her frame. For example, a crop top with low-rise jeans is a more difficult look to pull off than, say, a crop top with a high-waisted skirt that shows only a few inches of skin.  However, if you would like to go for the more casual feel, you can pair a crop top with some high waisted jeans and BAM- you are good to go!  Crop tops can really be worn many different ways, and are also a piece of clothing that can be worn year-round, suiting a number of occasions from weddings, to dates, to girls’ nights, to brunch. Crop tops also do a great job at cinching you at the waist, showing enough skin to add a little variety to your everyday outfit, and seriously looks great on every body type.

Perhaps one of these four trends has called out to you, or you feel inclined to try them all as soon as you can get your hands on the key pieces: the perfect crop top, the overalls that are tailored to fit your legs, a yellow-patterned pair of pants, an over sized jacket that’s just the right amount of bubbly.

In fashion, as in all other art forms, it’s most important that you have fun with it. That means you’ll have to strike a balance between these suggestions and your own predilections in order to piece together an outfit that’s equal parts flattering and personal. That’s the best way to make the runway work for you, and bring those “catwalk styles” to your closet!

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