How Travelers can Protect Their Cars When They are Away From Home

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Travelers have the privilege of reaching a variety of places and discovering different parts of the world. But although traveling is a load of fun, it also involves planning and preparation before you embark on the journey.


One of the things you have to prepare before you go away is your home and the other things you leave behind. There are also cases that you have a car to leave behind.


You might have spent the time to protect your home, but did you spend enough time looking for ways to protect your car while you’re on vacation?


Since you’re not home to protect your car, they could be subject to theft as well as damages. Therefore, you should consider applying protective measures for your vehicles.


To help you achieve that, here are six ways on how you can protect your car, even when you are away from home:


Clean your car inside out

Since your car is going to stay inside your garage for a long time, you want to prepare it by cleaning it in and out first.


Cleaning the car before you go will help you prevent any pests from crawling into your car. Without cleaning your vehicle inside out, you might forget to remove any food debris in your vehicle that can attract all sorts of creatures.


Just remember not to leave any moisture when cleaning your car’s interiors. If you don’t properly warm and dry your vehicle, it can grow mold, which will damage your car’s interior.


You should also make sure that you wash away any dirt and excrement on your car’s exterior. Leaving the debris on your car exterior might end up damaging the paint.


If you don’t want to come back to several inhabitants inside your car, then definitely clean your vehicle before you travel.


Top off car fluids

While you’re away, your car can develop moisture inside its engines and a variety of other places within it. The reason why moisture can develop in your vehicle is that you haven’t topped off the fluid levels of everything in your vehicle.


If there is space inside your engine, then impurities can leak into it and incur damage in your car.


So before you go traveling and store your car for a long time, make sure that you top off all of your car fluids. These fluids could range from your oil to your coolant.


Get your car serviced, and your oil and other liquids should be full. The lack of space will make it hard for moisture to develop and for impurities to go into the engine of your car.


Fill up your gas tank

Some people think it’s futile to fill up your gas tank since you’re not going to use it while you’re away. However, the same logic applies to your gas tank as it is to the other fluids inside your vehicle.


Moisture is the biggest enemy of your vehicle’s engine, so you want to make sure that you don’t get extra moisture in there.


While you’re at it, you can get a fuel stabilizer while you’re filling up the gas tank. A dry fuel tank can end up damaging the car, so avoid it by filling it up.


Disconnect your battery

Even if you’re not using your car, it can still drain away from the charge of your battery while you’re away. Newer cars tend to be guilty of this the most.


Therefore, you should disconnect your battery and store it away properly before you leave for a while.


Also, make sure that you cover the negative charge end on the battery with a cloth that will prevent it from touching anything else. That way, it won’t drain away from your car battery’s charge.


Inflate your tires

If you leave your cars idle at one spot for too long, the tires will develop flat spots at the areas it’s standing. These flat spots are not the safest things for when you’re driving. Thus, you should inflate your tires to ensure that it doesn’t flatten down.


Keep it stored inside

According to National Mini Storage Car Storage Auckland, to keep your car safe, you should make sure that you store your vehicles inside a safe place.


If you feel like your garage isn’t as secure as you’d want, you can rent a storage unit for a while instead.


Keeping your car inside either a garage or a storage unit will protect it from the elements that can damage your car. It will also protect your vehicle from any criminals who might break into your car.


Over to You

Protecting your car while you’re away from home is going to ensure that you don’t come back home to car issues. It also helps you feel safe, knowing that your car is still intact.


Don’t neglect your car preparation before you go away for a while. Follow the ways above to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape before you travel.


After all, your car has helped you do your day-to-day errands. So it only makes sense to take care of it now that you’re traveling somewhere else for the time being.

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