The Importance of Shaking Things Up

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There’s nothing wrong with having a routine. In fact, it’s nice to wake up and have a general idea of what you’ll accomplish throughout the day, where you’ll go, who you’ll see. But, if every single day is pretty much the same, well, you might just start to get bored.

That’s why it’s important to break your own mold every once in a while and seriously shake things up. There’s no need to completely overhaul your life; however, doing something new, or unexpected, or otherwise out of the ordinary will afford you a wealth of benefits. You might just pick up some unforgettable new experiences along the way, too.

Here are five more incentives for you to consider when you’re tempted to forego your regular schedule.

It Strengthens Your Relationships

How often do you and your significant other sit on the sofa with takeout on a Friday night? Do you and your best friend hit up the same brunch spot every single weekend? It’s certainly nice to have special places and partake in special activities with the ones you love, but falling into a pattern can get a little boring.

It turns out that a bit of spontaneity can go a long way in maintaining a relationship, especially a romantic one. When you first started seeing each other, it’s likely you planned off-the-beaten-path dates in order to impress or excite or woo. By rekindling that unexpectedness, you will remember exactly what it was that drew you to your friend or significant other in the first place. That initial enthusiasm can help keep the spark between you alive for years to come.

Your Health Will Improve

What’s your fitness routine like? Do you go to the gym at the same time every day, use the same machine for the same amount of time, listen to the same playlist and give it the same amount of effort? If so, it might be time to switch things up in a big way.

Your fitness will greatly improve if you start switching up your workouts, too. For example, if you’re constantly changing the weight-lifting routine you follow at the gym, you will test and challenge your muscles in new ways. You’re more likely to avoid a plateau, too, which means you’ll continue to see results from your fitness efforts. That will inspire you to incorporate even more new moves, which further improve your physique… that’s an upward spiral we want to experience.

Just like your mind, your body needs variety in order to avoid burnout. You can also avoid injury by performing different routines: doing the same thing over and over means you’re likely to overwork and potentially strain a muscle.

Creativity Will Flow

Doing the same thing day in and day out doesn’t seem like a great place for creativity to grow, does it? Something as simple as observing how your colleagues perform a particular task can have you improving and enhancing your own style. Your brain might start to run on autopilot without new ideas and simulation.

But sampling an observed method, or getting up to take a break outdoors, or incorporating a new work-related app into your routine can open the floodgates on your own productivity. Your brain will be refreshed when you experience something out of the ordinary, paving the way for learning, experimenting and improving your own performance.

You’ll Live With Fewer Regrets

Spontaneous people tend to say “yes” to more experiences, which leads them to experience and see more. Sure, some of these decisions can end up being mistakes or missteps. But, most of the time, saying “yes” leads to meeting new people, seeing different places and experiencing unforgettable parties and events.

And, the person who says “no” to everything? He or she is likely to see what they missed out on and feel a pang of regret. Sure, it’s good to stick to a routine sometimes and forego food, or travel, or parties because they don’t fit with a schedule. But always saying “no” is almost certainly going to lead you to regret what a person willing to shake things up won’t.

You’re More Prepared When Your Plans Don’t Pan Out

If you’re willing to do something unexpected yourself, then you’re going to be better equipped to handle a wrench in your own plans. Imagine, for example, you were traveling Europe and a volcano erupted in Iceland, grounding all flights because of the heavy smoke. (This is a true story, as told by Rick Steves). You could either be bummed that you’re trapped in a city like Venice, or use it as an excuse to explore every single nook and cranny of the ancient city. It’s up to you.

Being spontaneous means you’re better able to cope with life’s curve balls, even when they’re thrown by someone or something else. Sure, it might take a second to adjust to your new reality, but the quicker you’re able to adapt, the happier you’ll be in the long run.

And that, in combination with happiness, good health and excitement, shows just how much better of a person spontaneity can make you. So, don’t be shy: switch up your routine ASAP and find your own adventure. You’ll thank yourself later.  


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