Informal Wedding Ideas for 2019

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Maybe you’re not a fan of frills or an overly fancy affair, or perhaps you want to shake some old traditions up. Either way, you’re not alone in seeking a casual wedding. This trend is attracting many couples who are in the process of wedding planning and seeking out informal wedding ideas.

A laid-back event gives you the chance to incorporate more of your personality as a couple and include fun elements you both enjoy. Check out these nine informal wedding ideas for your 2019 wedding.

1. Laid-Back Venue

You don’t have to go all out with an expensive ceremony and reception area. Instead, choose from plenty of alternative venue options where you can exchange vows. For outdoor weddings, try a nearby beach or a beautiful backyard.

Find a place that means a lot to both of you and is more special than any glamorous location. Up cycled barns are a popular place for weddings right now, too, as they offer a rustic atmosphere for your big day. You can always go to the courthouse or a small church, too, if you want to keep it traditional.

2. Self-Serve Reception Stations

Say goodbye to the chicken or beef question for your wedding and introduce snack bars and food stations into your celebration. Your reception can feature creative ways for guests to eat when you incorporate individual stations. In your informal wedding setting, guests will love to indulge in sugary treats or comfort food at their own pace.

Snack bars can include your favorite foods, from a breakfast selection to tacos, and they allow guests to get their own servings themselves. Offer toppings, sauces and dips for customization. Don’t forget drinks, either — let people get their own from drink dispensers filled with large cocktail batches. Or, create a beverage station where each person can be their own bartender.

3. Relaxed Seating Options

Give your guests the option of lying on the ground with picnic blankets, floor pillows and cozy cushions during the ceremony and reception. Put pallet boards down as makeshift tables so guests can set down their plates and drinks. Another seating alternative is hay bales for a country-themed extravaganza. This is one of the best informal wedding ideas to help you save money, too.

4. DIY Centerpieces

For handy couples, crafting your own centerpieces can save you money and keep your decorations low key. You don’t need an elaborate vase of blooms on every table, so choose to create simple decor instead. You can turn used bottles into classy vases with a little paint and ingenuity for your informal wedding.

5. Casual Dress Code

As the bride and groom, you get to decide how fancy your guests’ attire is. If you want to bring the dress code to an informal level, put “casual” on the invite. For a wedding that’s not quite jeans-friendly, go for dressy casual or semi-formal. You get to set the standard for your event, so just tell your guests what you’re looking for.

6. Unconventional Bridal Attire

Embracing an informal wedding means the bride and groom’s ensembles can be eccentric. If you aren’t a fan of long white gowns, pick a bright color and a shorter cut instead. Or, surprise your guests by wearing an outfit that’s even more casual and comfortable. Whatever you choose, the point is to let your personality shine. The same goes for the groom — don’t be afraid to dress your outfit down.

7. Digital Invitation

Technology is in almost every part of people’s lives now, so why not skip the paper invite and send a digital one? E-vites can save you the hassle of gathering everyone’s home addresses, too — odds are, you already have your guests’ email addresses. When you use this method, your friends and family can quickly RSVP online, too. If they’re really set on putting your invite up on the fridge, they can print it from home.

8. Flip-Flop Option for the Dance Floor

Encourage guests to kick back at your reception by providing them with flip-flops for the dance floor. Take the lead in kicking off your shoes before pulling out your dance moves. You can save people from achy feet and help them feel comfortable enough to let loose for your celebration.

9. Nontraditional Dessert

Instead of a three-tier cake, you can pick a rare wedding dessert option. Give guests a portable sweet like cake pops or cupcakes if you want a different form of cake. Or, put signature pies on your dessert table for a delicious alternative. Wedding donuts are also a rising trend that can form a backdrop for your dessert area or be the highlighted treat when stacked on a tiered stand.

Throw a Laid-Back Wedding This Year

Choose relaxed wedding decorations, activities, attire and more for your casual wedding in 2019. For low-key couples, a wedding can be a simple and tasteful celebration without going overboard. Use these nine informal wedding ideas to host an understated event while creating an unforgettable experience.

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    Hello this is Leo Harry. My fiance and I are considering having a chocolate themed wedding next May. We will be getting married in an old chocolate factory that has since been re-done into a restaurant and banquet facility. The factory still has some industrial elements left in the space.

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