Leaving Your Comfort Zone: Jump a Little Higher, Explore a Little Further, Live a Little More

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reaching plantsDo you feel safe? Think about that for a moment, on the smallest of levels. What does safety, being comfortable and security mean in your life? Have you sacrificed parts of yourself, as well as your dreams, to only live within your comfort zone?

It is good to be content, but what is life without passion? Just like how you need to get the heck out of dodge, sometimes… You have to leave your comfort zone to jump a little higher, to explore a little further and live a little more to stay centered within yourself.

So, get the heck out of dodge.

Pick one day. Get in your car or take the journey by bike, instead. Choose a radius of 30 minutes or two hours to travel. Is there an interesting coffee shop, nature preserve or historical spot in the area? Go to it.

Have a day-cation, and let your destination(s) choose you.

Do a social media cleanse. mountain tops

Does checking your messages mean looking at your texts, Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter, and getting lost online for twenty minutes to two hours? You check all of your social media and your texts, but never get around to listening to your voicemail.

How much of your life are you missing out on in reality, by thinking you’re missing out and relying on social media to fill you in? Just curious.

Yeah, it’s time for a social media cleanse. You have to go cold turkey, for at least a weekend. No opening anything, but do let others know you’ll be missing in action for a while. If you’re really daring, do thirty days. Dare you.

Be ridiculously silly.

It’s that part of you that you keep hidden and only let out to play with your true friends. It’s that part of you that usually keep in check at the office when your coworker says something serious that makes a pun pop into your head, instead.

What if you let your weird sense of humor out to play, just a little? Your inner child needs play time, too:

  • Have a water gun fight with your partner.
  • If you walk to get your morning coffee, skip for one block (not in heels).
  • Do a karaoke song with a weird accent.

Don’t be afraid of being silly. Let your creativity and enthusiasm inspire others.

Screw over your inner critic.

You know when you get yourself excited about something, but then anxiety kicks in… You end up talking yourself out of your idea, or putting yourself down. No more!

Say you find this amazing dress and put it on. Maybe it’s a little see-through, too short, too bohemian, too something… You talk yourself out of it. Dare yourself. Wear it.

That inner critic also talks you out of making a case for a much-deserved raise or vacation. That inner critic says you shouldn’t be doing this or doing that, with it’s stupid, judgmental rules. Say it: “Screw you, inner critic!” Then, do it.

Always have Firsts. Always make time for Firsts. pink sky trail

Your first kiss. Your first beer. Your first tattoo. Your first trip overseas. Your first real job or apartment…

At some point, “the firsts” become irrelevant and redundant in the adult world. That’s not true, though.

The first time you do anything is very important and much needed throughout the course of your life. You’re not too young or too old to have a first anything. Get your first tattoo when you’re nineteen, thirty or sixty.

What are your favorite “firsts?” Now make a list of five new ones to pursue.

Trust and express your truth.

Life is too short to shut up for anyone or anything. It’s important to recognize common courtesy, but the world is lacking in terms of blunt yet empathetic communication. You can be compassionate and yet be honest.

Have you waited patiently? Have you tried talking about wanting to pursue a career as an artist instead of a doctor, or any other truth (large or small) with another? Hit roadblocks? Sometimes, it’s best to simply be in your truth and let the waiting and what-ifs go. Yes, let your heart be your compass, as cliche as that is.

Society is a chaotically organized system of rules and procedures that somehow enables everyone to live and work together. At some point, certain rules, expectations and patterns stifle the individual rather than empower him or her. The individual becomes stuck within the comfort zone, fearful and immobilized to take a risk of any size.

Life is to be lived in the small moments, made bigger and more memorable by the inspiration gained from those experiences. So, dare to jump just a little higher, to explore a little further, and live a little more.


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