What It’s Like to Be a Woman Who Never Stops Moving

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I was the child who was never able to sit still long enough for a photo. Many family photos have some part of my body in a blur, as details around me would capture my attention. You’d catch sight of me climbing trees to ascend new heights, where I was bigger than everything around me and big enough to see far into the distance.

Over there, wherever there was at the time, I’d point — across the city or on some place on the map. Big dreams and blurry arms are still a part of my adult life, since I’m always on the go. People who don’t know me worry that I’ll burn out, but motion has always been a part of my life. So, what it’s like to be a woman who never stops moving?


My Bag Always Has an Answer 

While I typically carry the essential identification, cash and keys on me, I usually have a bag with all the answers. You never know what the day will bring or what whims will strike your fancy, as a woman on the move:

  • Fold up ballerina flats or tennis shoes in case the weather changes or I have to dress fancy. The bag or a nearby car often has change of jeans for the odd muddy hike.
  • A small sketchbook and fine black marker. The way a mountain range curves against the road will make me pull over to sketch it in quickly as the sun fades, or I’ll inscribe how my mind wonders across faces and conversations. The pen marks in an unique smile or couple walking down a road lined with village shops, and it marks down odd realizations and snippets of conversation I knit together later. Putting pen to paper makes my experiences more real than a camera.Yet, my smartphone is essential for quickly reading maps, looking up local recommendations or taking a photo with friends or strangers. I can have conversations with people across the world.

My bag always has an answer. The contents occasionally shift, depending on the day, and the road ahead. Somewhere in that bag is a mix of band aids, safety pins, notepads, hair ties and other odds and ends.

Eyeliner and Forget It 

I typically blend into my surroundings, my style matching that of the activity or area I’m visiting. “Eyeliner and forget it,” is the morning routine. Eyeliner and the odd coffee gets me going, and otherwise I’m ready and eager to embrace what surprises the day has to offer.

Any-and-everything can go wrong, but you don’t have to see it that way. I love talking to people, listening with quiet observation, and if you want to ask, I have some interesting stories to tell, too. We’re all unique human beings, and a bit mad, as you might think me, with my weird trinkets and bits of everywhere I’ve been, colorful scarves, strange textures and little statues.

Sometimes, time itself escapes me as I adjust to the paces of others. On a whim, I may show up and be the person you drop part of the day for since it’s been ages. We’ll go on a random adventure, and you’ll be my tour guide. We’ll venture to your favorite coffee shop and secret hiding places and jump from rock to rock over a creek, laughing. We’ll notice things we’ve never noticed before, because life and places are always full of surprises.

I’m always on the go, walking the dog and hustling to my next yoga or painting class. I love to be busy, plan and organize activities, but being out in the world and hiking is also my Zen. This is my rhythm, even though it can be baffling to others at times.

I am Still, Within Myself 

I like to compare my rhythm with the movement of planets. You’re sitting still right now, but you’re really moving, as the Earth is revolving at a fast pace that seems slow to nonexistent from your current point of view. We’re all constantly in motion.

My rhythm leaves me looking blurry to others, at times, elusive for the odd photo, but I’m always there. I show up, and realize I need to take time for myself. Sometimes, elsewhere is my “me time.”

Doodling. Green places in nature. Yoga. These are some of the activities that help me stay balanced and centered, but to remain still, I am constantly in motion. Don’t let that make you think that I do not know the meaning of calm or what stillness or quiet are.

I can find quiet in the middle of a busy coffee shop on a Monday lunch hour, and calm in the middle of a loud night market in Taiwan, sampling food from various vendors.

Being a woman who never stops moving is just part of who I am, and life flows since I long ago accepted and loved that little girl who was constantly climbing trees and asking big questions.

When you get locked out of your car, I’ll help you MacGyver your way back in, and remember, I’m always a phone call away. I may be the go-to person for activities and fun in the city or elsewhere, but I love learning about the places you found and go to for respite. There are many beautiful nooks and interesting smiles in this world, and though I resemble Roadrunner at times, I enjoy being in the moment.


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