Little Things the Spring Time Teaches Us

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Spring time is a tricky little jokester. Bit by bit, bloom by bloom, the season is true to its name — springing up like a jack in the box.

You see the signs of spring and all of a sudden, the temperature dips and Mother Nature laughs, reminding you to wear your between seasons sweater. Thanks, Mama Nature.

Yet, the small wonders and little blooms of wisdom spring offers, as it pleases the well-meaning prankster, have much to teach us:

Have a Sense of Humor felix-russell-saw-136018

You have to laugh at the little things to shake up frustrating, stagnant and downright weird situations. As a well-meaning parent gently shakes their head at a child learning to walk, yet who stumbles and falls — pick yourself up and laugh. Just as the brilliance of spring has its playful way of showing up, let your inner child out.

Like water for soup bubbling in the pot or a brook babbling, let the tickle of laughter let loose in your belly. Let the cackle crackle up your spine and erupt from your mouth. Let them think you’re a little crazy.

Snow Crocuses are the First to Show Up buds

Among the first to show up in spring, these delicate perennial beauties come in many colors: purples, blues, reds, oranges, and yellows. When you think the winter season will never end, snow crocuses push up through the dirt with a flair of color.

They show up usually after a rain, in spring and fall, only lasting for a few days. They’re showy and brilliant during their brief time. Crocuses teach the power of showing up and shining, after a long, cold winter, and that there is no awkward timing. Crocuses teach us the power of overcoming adversity. They’re also associated with Venus — the planet of love. What’s not to love about crocuses!

Interconnection is Pivotal for Growth annie-spratt-101367

Consider the networking of plants — how the bee collects pollen and spreads seeds and how tree roots keep each other watered and strong. Plants have beneficial insects that help keep the soil rich and fertile, while particular plants keep other predators at bay. Acacia ants receive shelter from the acacia tree while protecting it from harmful insects and some animal predators. When the roots of a plant grow together, their network is much stronger and more effective.

Interconnection is pivotal for growth. As plants need nurturing allies, so do you. Sometimes, these connections have cons to their pros, and we have to weigh those: What connections strengthen you, and which weaken you too much? Like plants, grow through and around what doesn’t serve you. Don’t cut out what nourishes you.

Get Your Frolic On sunset and path

Listen to your spring whims, and follow them. See where those little wayward paths lead and make your own path through the meadow. Wind your way around obstacles and into new bliss, like a vine twisting through rocks, water and up trees toward the sun.

Like deer playing, nose about and dance. Wake up in the middle of the night, bake some double chocolate chip cherry cookies, and have a dance party.

Be merry. Follow your fancy. Frolic fearlessly.

The arrival of spring isn’t a set time on a clock—whether we think we mark its beginning or not, and neither are you. Spring is full of transition, color, and creativity, with many lessons to teach us.

By opening up our sense of humor, showing up as we are in the moment, relying on our connections and feeling free to frolic, we experience the full abundance of this budding season and our lives.


    • Gracie
    • March 22, 2019

    this is so inspiring and timely. thank you for this.

      • kacey
      • March 25, 2019

      That’s very sweet! Thank you for checking out my article.


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