Magical Destinations I Want to Travel to

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Once I realized I had an unquenchable love for traveling, I knew I had to start researching all the best places to visit. I got the itch for exploring the locations I want to travel to! It’s that desire to make memories that you’ll never forget and have the time of your life.

I’ve created a list of magical destinations that I want to travel to. They’ll be fun and exciting, and they might even push me outside of my comfort zone. I love anything that keeps me on my toes, and this list gets me so excited that I wanted to share it! Check out some of these magical destinations to see if any of them seem right for you. Maybe I’ll see you there!

Provence, France

Everyone wants to go to France to see the Eiffel tower, and I’m on board with that idea too. I just want to see what else France has to offer. The city of Provence has captured my heart because of its rich cultural history and jaw dropping architecture. There’s plenty to see and do in Provence that I know I’ll have to stay for an extra-long weekend, if not an entire week.

Vancouver, Canada

Okay, I’ll admit it, if you ask someone where they’re going to be vacationing in Canada, they’ll probably say Vancouver, but I don’t want to go there just for the city. There’s actually a really well reviewed train experience that will take you through the Rocky Mountains, complete with glass dome ceilings and white-glove service. I’ll take the month-long ride for one, please!

Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

I would love to have a vacation experience one day that makes me feel like I’ve stepped back in time, which is why Cape Breton Island has made my magical destinations list. There are so many reasons to visit this gorgeous island, like the trails and outdoor adventuring, but there’s also the simplistic way of life to be enjoyed. Grabbing a bowl of fresh clam chowder inside the stone cottage restaurant? Sounds like a perfect weekend.

Ravenna, Italy

Italy is going to be a magical destination for me to visit one day. Even the name of the country is enchanting, which is why I’ve fallen in love with it. I love learning about the history of the places I visit, and Ravenna has a lot of history. It’s actually home to some of the greatest Italian art discoveries, so I can refresh myself with lots of mind blowing art and scenic views. It all won’t look too shabby on my Instagram, either.

Istria, Croatia

Sometimes when I travel, the whole point of a trip is to be alone. That means no tourist attractions or crowds, which can get tricky to find. That’s why Istria, Croatia has made my magical destinations list. It has the rustic, historic buildings that are right up against the coastline, and it’s home to more than a few of the best winemakers and chefs in the country. Plus, there are plenty of secluded spots to enjoy the beach and soak up the sun in peace.

The next time I’m planning a trip, I’m going to pick one of the spots off of this list that I want to travel to. I know that I could have a great time wherever other tourist are going, but I want to take trips that are one of a kind. That’s the thrill of devoting so much time and energy to exploring the globe! I want to feel the excited tingles that race down my spine when I take my first step in a brand-new location. And when that location is downright magical, I’ll know I’m in for the time of my life.


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