The Magical Packing Formula I Use Every Time I Pack

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Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. It’s a way for me to get out of town and break my usual routine with new cultures and experiences. It helps give me a better perspective on life. I love learning everything I can about a place while I’m there. After going on trips for years, I can tell you the learning doesn’t start once you get to a destination.

There’s almost as much to know about how to prepare for a trip as there is about what you’ll do after you arrive. There are hotels to book and reservations to make, plus you have to research where you’ll be so you know what you can do. Learning how to pack correctly is probably one of the most important things I’ve learned. I have decided to reveal my packing formula so you don’t have to go through the same experience yourself.


Do Some Math

If you do a little math before you start packing, it’ll make your whole preparation way easier and more accurate. I like to get out a sticky note and write down the number of days I’ll be at my destination. If I arrive on a Friday afternoon and leave on Sunday, I count that as three days. That means I’ll need three days’ worth of toothpaste, shower supplies, toiletries and clothes. Since I started using this packing formula, I’ve never wasted money on essentials.

Create a Clothing Capsule

This one never fails to make me think of a time capsule, which is the total opposite of what a clothing capsule actually is. The key to knowing how to always make the perfect clothing capsule is to select pieces of clothing that match. So if you’re going to pack for that three day trip, you’ll need three shirts and three shorts or pants that all match. You’ll have a total of nine outfits without taking up all the space in your suitcase.

Use a Checklist

I like to keep my checklist on my phone so I can easily access and update it. You’ll want to write down or type everything you need on a daily basis. Mentally walk yourself through your routine. Think of things like deodorant, a hair dryer, dental hygiene necessities and things like that.

Don’t write down how much of each thing you need since you’ll re-use this checklist for each trip. So instead of writing “ten cotton balls,” write “cotton balls.” Or if you don’t like writing things down, see if you like to use an online, comprehensive checklist. You’ll have your list of necessities drawn up for you, along with things like getting vaccinations and paperwork if your trip is more complicated than a weekend getaway.

My packing formula has three easy steps to follow and ensures that I never have to make another emergency run to a store as soon as my plane lands. The key is to not overlook anything you need during your daily routine. I’ve forgotten deodorant too many times to count because I knew I needed it and assumed that I had packed it. Now with this list, I slow down a bit and even double check when I’m done so there aren’t any travel mishaps.

Packing doesn’t have to be a challenge or a chore when you follow a simple formula! Try out my method and see what works for you and what you need to modify. You’ll be able to get that peace of mind that comes with having everything you need so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your trip.


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