How to Maintain the Warmth of Summer Even After It Ends

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We spend all year looking forward to summer and the sunshine and warm weather that come with it. And, while everyone is excited to feel the first crisp breeze of fall — pumpkin spice lattes, anyone? — you still might be a bit sad to see the end of the summer season.

You don’t have to say goodbye, though. Instead, you can do your part to make summer last a little bit longer this year. Hold onto the warmth of summer with the following five tips to bring summer’s best sides into fall, winter and beyond.

Switch Up Your Color Scheme 

Once the summer sun arrives, we bust out the brightest shades in our wardrobes. Pinks, greens, yellows and electric blues replace the pastels of spring and the dark hues of winter. You might be ready to slip into your fall wardrobe, especially if you’ve filled it with the trendiest Pantone colors for this season. But your home can still be a bit summery, whether it’s in-season or not.

Splash a brighter color onto the walls in your home to instantly invoke the fun, fresh vibes of summer. The color that makes you feel your most summer-ready is up to you: you can go obviously bright or choose a pared-down version of your favorite color.

Of course, if you’re not ready to make your love of summer permanent in paint, try accessories first. A new set of brightly colored throw pillows, for example, will have you thinking of the warmest season all year long.

Let the Light In 

The longest day of the year falls during the summer, and the season has the most sunshine of any other. As soon as fall creeps in, days get shorter, nights get cooler, and you might be tempted to curl up next to the fire and forget about summer altogether.

On the other hand, you could give yourself a constant reminder of summer’s brightest days by letting in as much natural light as possible. This means throwing back your curtains and shades all day long so that your house basks in the sunlight — or, at least, as much sunlight as you get in autumn.

At night, rely on strategically placed table and floor lamps to brighten up your spaces as one way to improve your home’s lighting. Choose bright, yet warm bulbs that help warm the place up, too: you don’t want to get something too white or fluorescent that washes the place out and makes you prefer dark fall evenings over faux summery ones.

Choose Summery Scents 

We already know the most popular scent of fall. The orange gourd does smell delightful, but not if you’re looking to maintain those summer vibes around your house. Instead, try and think of the scents that remind you of summer: tropical coconut, pineapple and even watermelon are sweet and strong reminders of your favorite season. We promise, they’ll smell nice year-round, too.

And, because the pumpkin spice craze is just that serious, you might even be able to pick up your summer-scented candles at a discount by the end of the season. Check your favorite candle shop, home store or even big-box store like Target to see what candles they have on sale once the seasons change.

Keep the Barbecue Going 

Another fixture of summer is the barbecue. Whether you grilled out for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July or just because it was Saturday, you know just how much fun a summer barbecue can be.

Now that it’s fall, you don’t have to retire your grill until the next summer rolls around. Instead, switch your game up and begin preparing barbecue recipes fit for a fall-themed feast. You’ll probably want to throw some heartier flavors on the grill, like rosemary-coated chicken thighs, for example, but they’ll be just as tasty as your summer burgers and hot dogs.

If it’s not too cold, you can get into a cozy sweater and sit outside eating your barbecued creations, too. Or, you could prepare your grilled feast in preparation of football season since, you know, that starts in the fall, too.

Flex Your Green Thumb 

Finally, summer is the perfect season for growing and cultivating a garden. Whether you had flowers, vegetables, fruit or all three, you showed off your green thumb this season, and you should be proud.

Don’t put it away just yet, though: you can cultivate houseplants indoors, too. The benefits of having greenery around you are well-documented: something as simple as looking at a picture of trees can make us happier, so imagine how you’d feel with a few living houseplants in your abode.

On top of that, your houseplants can serve a greater purpose than just looking nice and tropical. Any plant you buy will filter toxins from the air, making the space cleaner. You can even try your hand at an indoor herb garden if you’re an avid chef and gardener, so you can have fresh flavors in your food — just like you did in summer — all year long.

So, don’t fear when you see that first fall leaf drop or slip into a wool sweater for the first time since February: you can keep summer going at home. If you do it right, it’ll really be summer before you know it — and you’ll already be in the spirit because its warmth and fun times will never have left your home.  


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