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Summer is starting soon, which means that most people will have more free time in their daily routines than usual. Before you get too overwhelmed planning a big vacation that’ll make memories to last until next summer, think about putting together your own summer bucket list.

Not only will a bucket list keep your adventure going all summer long, it’ll also help you discover new things that you love. That’s an important part about creating your own bucket list—you have to step outside your comfort zone.

   1. Go swimming somewhere new

You can always go to that community pool later. Try to pick out a local lake that you haven’t been to before, or travel to the mountains and cool off in a natural stream. Maybe even do a cannonball or two.

  1. Have a bonfire

There shouldn’t be a need for a reason for this. If you don’t understand why, go ahead and scoot this idea to the top of your list and roast some marshmallows ASAP.

  1. Make a sandcastle

Slide out of those flip flops and run straight over the hot sand to find the perfect spot for your sandcastle. Release your inner child and go crazy!

  1. Play flashlight tag

For those days you can’t afford to get away, invite some friends over and play a round or two of flashlight tag. You’ll enjoy being outside a lot more once the sun has set.

  1. Enjoy a root beer float

Ice cream. Root beer. Can it get any better? Okay, maybe with some actual beer.

  1. Fly a kite

This will be perfect on that trip to the mountains. Take out the kite on a grassy hillside and watch the day go by.

  1. Pick peaches

Once you eat a fresh peach in an orchard, you’ll know the taste of summer. But if peaches aren’t your thing, go by a strawberry field instead.

  1. Barbecue for the first time

Or the second. Or third. It’s always a good time for a barbecue, especially during the Fourth of July.

  1. Go a whole day without technology

It’d be best to try this on vacation. Lay out on the sand and enjoy a day to yourself.

  1. See a concert

If summer had a middle name, it’d be concert. There will be lots of them during the summer, especially outdoors, so do some research on shows in your area and listen to some new bands.

  1. Experience a drive-in theatre

Not many of them are left, but there may be one close to you. It’ll truly transport you, making you feel like you’ve gone back in time instead of fifteen minutes outside town.

  1. Make a road trip

Have you ever experienced Portland’s beer festivals or stayed for a weekend on an island? Time to pack up the car, then!

  1. Visit wine country

Because you know you won’t do it later if you don’t put it on your list now. Don’t like wine? Go anyway. Chances are that the big wine countries will offer breweries on the side.

  1. Be a local tourist

This is a great idea for those who live in the bigger cities, but haven’t had a chance to indulge in the tourist attractions. Or maybe you think you shouldn’t, because you’re a local. Either way, get on that tour bus or see that museum. It’ll be fun and new, and it’s not like anyone there will know you live down the street.

  1. Welcome sign challenge

Based on how much traveling you want to do this summer, give yourself a challenge: for every state you pass through, get a picture by its welcome sign. They’ll make a cute collage to put out at that end-of-summer cook out.

You could spend your time and money on creating the perfect vacation for this summer, or you could spread out your adventure over the whole season by making a personalized summer bucket list. Plus, you can make a bucket list for yourself while you’re on vacation. They’re a great way to get you off the couch and into the world around you.



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