Minimalist Wedding Cake Ideas

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When you imagine a traditional wedding cake, you probably envision a towering sculpture topped with a multitude of flowers and ribbons, it’s exterior so polished that you can hardly tell if it’s actually meant to be eaten. At some weddings, the cake is the most extravagant part of the celebration. Is there even such a thing as a minimalist wedding cake?

As it turns out, minimalist cakes have become quite the trend in the wedding industry. As more couples opt for simple wedding designs, modern and stripped-back wedding cakes have grown popular. Though most wedding cakes still aren’t truly “plain,” these cakes are easy on the eyes, understated, even relaxing. They keep the focus on the most important part of your wedding day: your love for your partner.

Whether you’re looking for a simple cake on a budget or an artistic piece to complement your modern decor, there’s a minimalist wedding cake for you. Here are seven minimalist wedding cake ideas for simple cakes to have at your wedding.

Single Layer Cake

Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be taller than you are. In fact, a single-tier cake could be the perfect combination of short and sweet for a simple wedding. Though these cakes are small, they pack a big punch. Choose your favorite flavor and decorate these cakes with a large flower, quirky topper or arrangement of fresh berries. If you think one cake won’t be enough, make more! You can decorate multiple single-tier cakes to complement each other while remaining distinct.

Swirling Marble Cake

For a modern look, consider a cool marbled wedding cake. These cakes feel minimal because their smooth fondant surface is made to look like contemporary swirling marble. You can get a cake with marbling in pretty much any color, but a cool grey makes for a classy and understated look. Because the marbling itself serves as decoration, these cakes don’t need much to spice them up. A single flower perched on one of the tiers will do the trick.

Simple Square Cake

People often associate minimalism with clean lines and geometric shapes. Give your cake a visually pleasing structure by choosing a square or hexagonal shape. A white cube cake topped with soft pink flowers gives a classic cake a modern twist. Square wedding cakes look amazing by themselves or stacked in tiers, and you can decorate them as plainly or creatively as you like.

Single-Color Gradient Cake

If you’re looking for a minimalist cake with a little color, consider a pretty ombre cake. These cakes allow you to incorporate color without going overboard. For a minimal look, choose a single color to start fully-saturated at the bottom of the cake and lighten to white towards the top. The gradient could appear on one single tier or across several tiers.

Semi-Nude Cake

Nude cakes — essentially layer cakes without decorative frosting — had their moment in the spotlight. Now, it’s time for semi-naked cakes, which vamp up the trend with a classy, thin layer of frosting. Chocolate semi-nude cakes brushed with vanilla frosting mimic a marble look while feeling more organic. Due to their rough exterior, these cakes look stunning when topped with natural decorations like leaves, flowers and fresh fruit.

Charming Homemade Masterpiece

If you’re into a low-fuss, minimal wedding, you might like the idea of making your own wedding cake. Rustic homemade wedding cakes can feel more personal than a dessert made by a professional, and if you’re hosting a small, intimate wedding, you might not need a huge cake anyway. If you and your significant other like baking, get in the kitchen and get creative. Whether you make a tall chocolate cake and top it with bright strawberries or whip up a good old box of funfetti, you get to brag to your guests about your sweet masterpiece.

Cake with a Pop of Texture

In lieu of normal cake decorations consider decorating your wedding cake simply by using texture. Rippled buttercream, sugar sprinkles, coconut and shaved chocolate all make great options for an otherwise straightforward dessert. Creative use of texture can make your minimalist cake unique and interesting while adding flavor at the same time.


Keep It Simple

The cake is an important part of a traditional wedding. However, your wedding cake should reflect your own unique tastes, even if that means picking a simple option. By using some of these ideas, you can make your wedding cake modern, minimal and delicious.

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