Monday Mantra: Don’t watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.

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Look at the clock, it’s mid-morning. Look again, thinking “Surely, it’s afternoon by now…” It’s not even lunch time. Breathe.

Humanity’s entire existence is caught up in the mechanism of time. An obsession with its parts, conversion, and passing sometimes leaves everyone caught up in the past rather than flowing with the now.

So Obsessed with Time, Human Beings Aren’t Focused on Being

You’re constantly searching for tips for managing your time. Some are even useful: Break tasks or the day up into chunks. Look forward to breaks, but don’t watch the clock because you’re wasting time. Setting timers for tasks aid some in increasing their speed to get to the finish line, as they race against the clock. Everyone is so obsessed with managing time, saving time, not wasting time or racing time.

What’s so wrong with the present? No one knows what to do with it.

Humans are restless, mortal creatures, vulnerable when it comes to the act of simply being. Being is left out of human being. You could chalk humanity’s obsession with time up to a fear of death or a fear of life.

Much of your obsession with clock watching comes from that addiction to passive observation, which forms an anxious dichotomy of detachment with time even while you’re actively obsessed with it. Philosophy aside, what the heck do you do about it?

Fill Your Existence with the Details of Being and Flow with Time

Believe it or not, you’re close to the solution through observation. Shift your obsession with clock watching to do what time does—Keep going. Time doesn’t stop, for anyone or anything. Keep ticking, like the beat of your heart, which pulses even when you’re bored, sad, livid, frustrated, happy or excited.

Your brain slows and speeds up time in response to stimuli, emotional and physical triggers. Time slows in moments of tragedy, shock or fear. It also slows in moments of love, when “time stops.” Time speeds up when you focus on what you’re passionate about. There are certain times of the day when you have the most energy and when you just want to relax.

Know how you react and work with time, and use that to your advantage by flowing with time and doing certain activities then. When time is taking over, focus on slowing down your mind.

Become more mindful of the present, and focus on every detail of your immediate surroundings. Fill your existence with the details of being, like minutes fill up an hour. Take in the sounds, smells, tastes and sights of your present.

Like time heals all wounds, time flows through everything, every frustration or boredom. Keep going.

Refocus Your Attention and Way of Thinking

It’s all about perspective. Breaking your attachment to the clock comes with refocusing your attention and way of thinking:

  • Do you always get work done in the nick of time? Okay, but keep in mind pressure builds and risks unnecessary stress.

Dedicate time to yourself to do something different near a deadline, and focus on that: Get coffee with a friend, do an asana or work on something creative, even for a little while. Redirect the need of pressure to complete the task, by adding pleasure to the mix.

  • Turn your back to the clock. The old adage is true: Out of sight, out of mind. If you catch yourself looking, stress relief is found in spinning around, and around and around in your desk chair.


  • If you’re looking at the clock, ask yourself: “What do I need right now?” When you get caught up in anxiety, you forget to listen to your body. Take breaks. Nourish yourself when you need it.


  • Focus on the bigger picture, and use the clock of your heart to envision the rewards of what you are doing now in the future. Keep going. You get there by moving with and thus through this moment.


  • Watch animal videos. Seriously, there’s so much to be learned about time through observation of the animal kingdom. They don’t give a duck about time. In fact, it’s all naturally wired. How can you find your own natural rhythm, keep it and honor it?


  • Do more on a whim. All that clock watching leaves you feeling trapped and out of control. Be spontaneous, and follow those little daily inspirations. Do the thing.


By changing up your environment, your way of thinking and your attention to detail, you witness and actively participate in how time affects you. The obsession with time weakens and redirects to experience, to simply being because you are using time wisely—and all that really means is: Keep going.


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