The ‘Not So Touristy Things’ to Do While in L.A.

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Whether I am seeing something for the first time or experiencing something I deeply love over and over again, getting out and exploring is something that I will always find intriguing. I am the kind of person who could travel to the same area several times and still get a refreshing feeling from being exposed to things I love. Maybe it is the way I see things, maybe it’s my perspective shining through. However, even though it is nice to experience some of the same things twice, it is always great when you are able to include new sights, sounds and smells into your adventures to spice things up!

If you are the kind of person who is looking to add a new perspective to the places you have been, or branch out and see things you wouldn’t normally try if traveling somewhere for the first time, this post is for you! Abigail Alice explains how there is more to just doing the “touristy” things while visiting somewhere for the first time.  Take it away Alice!




Just to clarify the meaning of “non-touristy” — these are more than likely the things that people who are visiting LA for the first time would overlook. First timer’s in L.A head straight to the Hollywood sign, to Garuman’s Theatre and Santa Monica pier. But there is so much to do in L.A once all of those classic visits are out of the way. Here’s a few for the second timer’s in L.A or if you get through the touristy stuff like a pro.

Museums the-getty-museum-322832_960_720
I’m pretty huge on museums. In the UK most of them are free which sadly isn’t for L.A Checking out a museum might not be your first big instinct when all you want to do is catch a glimpse of Brad Pitt. But L.A offers some really cool galleries and museums. You can check out both The Getty and The Getty Villa – the Villa is on the way to Malibu and the building itself is a good enough reason to visit. The Getty is nestled up in a mountain near UCLA. You have to catch a little tram to get yourself up there after paying for your parking. The artwork is definitely worth taking a look at. The first timer may have visited the famous LACMA lights without paying a visit. However, LACMA is a must. It’s full of amazing installations and you can even get involved in some. For example, the Rain Room currently at LACMA is a room full of rain except it sensor’s when you are walking and won’t downpour on you – Only Californian’s would pay to go into a room of rain, duh! Another interesting one that’s pretty out of the ordinary is MONA aka the Museum of Neon Art. It’s fascinating, it’s bright, it’s really really cool.

First Fridays Venice_Beach_Los_Angeles_-_Palazzo_Ducale
If you find yourself in L.A on the first Friday of any given month in the year then there’s only one place you should be going for your dinner at night: Abbot Kinney near Venice Beach. On the first Friday of every month Abbot Kinney is jam packed full of amazing food trucks where you can sample some of the greatest quick food fixes for a really affordable price. The dessert trucks are incredible too and I highly recommend the Italian Panini food truck and the Cupcake food truck – you’ll find them! Abbot Kinney is an amazing place to visit too it’s full of incredible and quirky shops and cafe’s so it’s worth visiting in the day too.

Places for Coffee 20070707_Intelligentsia
If you wouldn’t imagine that a coffee shop in L.A would be worth going out of your way to visit then you’d be dead wrong. My first recommendation is in Venice, it’s a cafe called Flowerboy Project and it’s a hybrid between cafe and flower shop. You can pick yourself up a Lavender Boy or a Rose Girl coffee and also a beautiful bunch of flowers too! If you head over to Abbot Kinney day or night you have to stop by Intelligensia for coffee – the interior is very minimalist and the barista’s are set up in a huge open square so you can see your coffee being made. They also have really cool march that’s worth taking a look at.

Cool Street Art Walks venice-240203_960_720
If you walk for a mile in L.A you’ll undoubtedly see something worth ‘Instagramming’ but just in case you’re out to get some cool photos I highly recommend taking a wonder down certain streets/routes. If you’re into painted stairways then you have to check out this Google Map of the coolest painted stairways in L.A. If you’re in L.A on the 26th March there’s a huge tour going on where everyone will be walking this route or you can take it by yourself! The Taschen Gallery on Beverly Blvd also has some cool artwork on the side of it that’s worth taking a look at – I was there last week and stood next to a giant David Bowie mural and also a Leo DiCap one. Venice Beach is also great to walk down – you may have done this as a first timer but if you walk a block behind the boardwalk you’ll see amazing art of Bernie Sanders and Jim Morrison #FeelTheBern


Abigail is a beauty and travel blogger at Abigail Alice X. Her passions in life are traveling, reading and writing. For her, blogging is a place to explore her loves and share them with other like minded bloggers. She is currently living in L.A as a part of a study abroad program, but her home city is Manchester, England. Her main goals are to be come a published author and to visit every country in the world!


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      Aw man! Dont ya just hate when that happens! — At least you have these things to look forward to next time you (hopefully) return! 😉


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