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Whether you’re running to a meeting or running errands, it’s easy to let your beauty and wellness routine fall by the wayside have a lot on your plate. But this is the last thing that you should do when you’re busy. Your well-being depends on your level of self-care when you’re up against a hectic schedule. That’s why having some beauty and wellness tips in your back pocket can help you to stay happy and healthy.

So, the next time you’re taking a trip or running late to happy hour, here are some beauty and wellness tips that can help when you don’t have the time to sit down and enjoy a full pamper session.

When You’re Running Errands

If you’re out picking up groceries or stopping at the drug store before you head off to your next engagement, make sure that you have a few essentials on hand. Keep a face mist on hand — preferably one that consists solely of pure spring water — to provide that dewy, radiant glow when your complexion starts looking a little tired. Other items that you should definitely have in your bag include an all-natural lip balm and eye drops to combat dry lips and itchy eyes after a long day.

When You’re Road-Tripping

If you intend to spend a long time in the car traveling cross-country (or just cross-state), these beauty and wellness tips are must-knows. First and foremost, drink as much water possible. It’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re on the go, either because you don’t bring along enough water or because you don’t feel like stopping for bathroom breaks. But you’ll feel better and have more energy when you stay hydrated. Also, avoid excess caffeine, as this could cause your energy levels to nosedive after a high.

When You’re Traveling Internationally

When you’re crammed into a small airplane seat for hours that stretch into the double digits, repeat one very simple mantra repeatedly: move. Move as much as you can. Every hour or two, get up and take a stroll to the bathroom and back or do any upper-body yoga stretches you can comfortably perform without elbowing your neighbor. Not only will you feel less stiff and uncomfortable by the end of the flight, but you’ll also combat potential blood clots, which sometimes occur after sitting on a long flight.

When You’re on the Way to a Meeting

If your time to beautify consists of mere minutes between one meeting and the next, keep it simple. Treat yourself to a quick round of aromatherapy to calm your mind and ease any work-related stress. Stow essential oils in your bag that you can grab and inhale or apply directly to your wrists to help with anxiety. Lavender has been found to have calming effects. You can even nab a cute necklace with a stone that acts as an on-the-go diffuser and infuse it with your favorite calming or uplifting scent.

When You’re Taking a Train, Plane and Automobile

If you’re jet setting and plan to take several modes of transportation, do your hair a favor and coat it with a lightweight face mask beforehand, then throw it up on top of your head. Let your top-knot carry you across oceans, on planes, trains and automobiles. Once you arrive at your destination, let your hair flow free and hop in the shower to bring the bouncy volume. If you can’t shower right away, skip the face mask and just toss some dry shampoo in your carry-on. Spray and scrunch when you arrive.


When you make self-care a priority, even when you’re traveling or busy running errands, what you’re really doing is prioritizing your own health and well-being. So even when you feel too frazzled to stop and spend a full day at the spa, don’t forget about these beauty and wellness tips. If you keep them in mind, you’ll always be able to find the time to take care of yourself — even in seemingly small ways. These relatively minor tweaks to your busy routine might yield big results in terms of the way you feel on the inside and look on the outside.


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