On the Go: How to Travel with Essential Oils

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Before you become an avid traveler, you wondered how people managed to get from point A to point Z intact and in budget. Before you became an avid essential oil enthusiast, you wondered what all the fuss was about — isn’t the scent the same as just hanging lavender upside down to dry in your kitchen? How do you travel with essential oils?

It’s not exactly smart to travel with a bunch of crumbling dried plants as you board each flight. Essential oils are potent, smell amazing and hold a myriad of helpful properties from antibacterial to soothing. Here are a few tips on how to travel with essential oils while on the go.

Remember the 3-1-1 When Flying

The TSA holds a strict 3-1-1 policy on liquids in carry-ons, which means you can bring a quart-sized bag per person of 3.4 ounces (100 ml) at most per item. Carry whichever oils you need in your checked bag but take extra precautions against spills. Seal each essential oil in its own plastic baggy. They’ll slide right through the security X-ray in their special carrying case.

A clear bag with a secure zipper will help you find your oils and get through clearance more easily. Magnet-sealed bags are likely to unclasp at some point when jostled — try it at your own risk. Always clearly label your bottles, such as “sleepy time oil” and “motion sickness oil.” Before you pack your essential oils, always give every lid a final secure twist.

If TSA officials get curious, simply explain your kit contains essential oils that support your health. Most of the time, they’ll nod along and let you through. Additional questions are typical curiosity.

Don’t disturb others by opening essential oils on the plane since the scents are potent. Dab diluted essential oils on, place a little on a diffuser necklace or make a small spray before boarding. Make it part of your travel preparation routine.

Make an EO Car Kit

You can make an EO kit for your car that you can easily place in your seat’s pocket or the glove compartment. What are your most used oils, and which ones would you use in an emergency?

Most Americans spend 1.5 hours commuting daily by car, and that number rises for avid travelers. Diffuse peppermint in the air vents to stay awake — you can also dab a bit on a dangling wine cork. Create a customized mix as an air freshener. When you get motion sickness, use peppermint or ginger to soothe your queasy stomach.

Always Travel with a Carrier Oil

Undiluted essential oils can cause dermatitis, and oils should always be diluted before use, such as Thieves EO. You can use sweet almond, olive oil or another carrier, but always carry a bit in a small sample-sized bottle.

Store your carrier oil in a cool dark place, and keep in mind that carrier oils have their own scents. Don’t use anything you may be allergic to and spot test before use.

Build an EO First Aid Kit

Essential oils are worthy of all the buzz you’ve heard, assisting with relieving cold symptoms, headaches, minor pain and allergy symptoms. You may wonder how effective essential oils are when compared to over-the-counter drugs, creams and sprays.

Essential oils are made of the aromatic compounds taken from different plant parts that function as each plant’s “immune system.” These compounds help relieve emotional and physical concerns and can be 50 to 70 times more powerful than herbal plant uses. Here are a few essential oils you probably want to include in your first aid kit:

  • Clove: This oil relieves headaches, toothaches and other types of pain. Clove oil draws out infections and toxins, and it aids in soothing constipation and nausea.
  • Lavender: This is known as a universal oil that calms earaches, relieves depression, soothes dermatitis and removes the “ouch” factor from bee stings and hives. Lavender oil reduces anxiety and stress and heals cuts and burns. You’ll sleep more easily on the go with this essential oil.
  • Lemon: This oil cleanses intestinal parasites, relieves colds and flu, aids the digestive system, reduces fatigue and stress and calms upset stomachs. It’s an antiseptic and disinfectant.
  • Oregano: This oil naturally supports your immune system by treating yeast and bacterial infections, relieving joint and back pain, soothing inflammation, calming cold and flu systems and eliminating skin tags, athlete’s foot and skin tags.
  • Peppermint: This oil cools as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It increases the absorption of oxygen, soothes muscles pains and aches, relieves fever, calms menstrual and digestive problems and boosts concentration.Use these tips to travel with your essential oils, whether you’re traveling by plane or car. A secure zipper will keep your oils safe when you’re on foot and jostling your bag around.So, pack your EO first aid kit and other oils with confidence, and don’t forget your carrier oil in your carry-on!


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    So very helpful! I know a lot of people, myself included, who are avid users of essential oils. I didn’t realise it would be so easy to get them on a plane. Thanks for the tips!

      • kacey
      • May 21, 2018

      Hi Nadya!

      I am so glad you found this to be helpful! Do you have a favorite essential oil? I am always looking for recommendations.. 🙂

      Safe travels!

  2. Didn’t wonder that you include oregano oil in the list! This oil is what I will never lack in my house. I use oregano oil daily, right down to even our laundry, and it is quite amazing what oregano has done for my family and me.

      • kacey
      • June 26, 2019

      Yes! I am personally a fan of oregano oil, too. 🙂 Thanks for reading this piece!

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