On the Go: Meditation Tips for Travelers

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When you’re on the go, who has time for meditation? You’re too busy trying to catch your next flight or wondering if you met your tour guide at the wrong location — and cell service is horrible. You travel to get away but worries still travel with you in your brain and body. Though you’re out exploring and trying to relax, your mental, emotional and physical health suffers. Fortunately, you don’t need much to meditate on the go. Read ahead and hop on board with these meditation tips for travelers!

Use Your Breath

You always carry breath in your lungs, and using your breath helps you remain connected to yourself and the present.

Practice breathing exercises no matter what you’re doing or where you are. Focus first on your natural breathing, filling your lungs and pulling in the air from your lower abdomen, slowly releasing it and relaxing your muscles. You can increase or decrease the count to develop a soothing rhythm to use to ground yourself.

Connect to Your Senses with Walking Meditation

Connect with nature to find your center. I’s everywhere — all over the planet no matter where you go. Mama Nature will embrace you with open arms — and sometimes pollen and bug bites. The healing power of nature exceeds the little annoyances.

Take in the sensory experience that walking in nature provides to increase your mindfulness and live in the present moment. Engage your five senses without searching. Experience.

Feel how the ground gives underneath your feet or pushes back with rocks emergent from the Earth. Inhale the strong scent of flowers and bread baking nearby. Brush your fingers across rough and peeling tree bark.

If you feel restless, give yourself 10 to 15 paces to walk slowly in nature undisturbed — the idea is to retrace your steps and let the rat race of your mind drift to a more peaceful place. Focus with intention on your steps.

Carry Crystals

Carry crystals on your journey with you. They’re small and travel-friendly, and multiple crystals mean different things according to the energy you want to focus on, such as protection, safe travel or relaxation. For example, carrying a rose quartz symbolizes peace and friendship. Use the crystal as a touchstone to remember your loved ones and to center in love and peace. The rose quartz dissipates negative energy, according to the lore and symbolism.

Choose clear quartz if you still feel unsure about which crystal is right to carry. Symbolically, clear quartz is an all-purpose crystal that invites in positive energy and clears negative energy.

Place a crystal in your pocket. Sew it into your bag. Wear it as a ring, bracelet or necklace.

Build a Mini Meditation Altar

Where’s your center? Did you leave it back at home? Welcome mindfulness and peace back into your travels by building a mini meditation altar.

Your altar can travel with you. Think of the items that you most connect with and allow yourself to pack this small splurge. Your altar doesn’t have to be religious either — it can be ancestral, with a small photo of you with your loved ones. Add a crystal. Include your favorite travel quote. Place a journal nearby to record your thoughts. Burn some local incense you picked up at the market. Tada! You have a mini altar.

You can also build your altar on a nature hike out of the elements you find on your trail — further symbolizing your journey and leaving no environmental impact. Collect colorful leaves, stones and other things you find on the trail. Let the place to build the altar reach out to you. Lean stones on top of one another or create a mini labyrinth or balanced design.

Practice Earthing

Directly connect with nature through the practice of earthing. Studies reveal when the human body physically contacts with the Earth’s surface electrical conductivity benefits health and physiology through the benefits of wound healing and decreases in inflammation, among others. Earthing can help treat and prevent inflammation and chronic autoimmune diseases.

Take off your shoes and socks and stick your toes in the soil. Run your fingers across tree bark. Earth yourself.

All you need to meditate on the go is your breath, but you can also use elements of nature to build an altar or carry small touchstones from home to feel connected. Embrace your sensory experiences to enrich your travel experiences.

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    I had no idea that what I was doing for years was walking meditation! It’s something that has always calmed me down and helped me work through issues, but I didn’t know there was a name. The rest of this will be great to try!

      • kacey
      • May 15, 2018

      Hi Nadya!

      I am so glad to hear you have been exposing yourself to walking meditation already! That’s wonderful!

      Safe travels!

    • Nadya
    • May 12, 2018

    Thanks for the advice! As it turns out I’ve been doing walking meditation without knowing it. It’s nice to have a name and a few other things I can practice!

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