On the Go: Staple Pieces to Travel With

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When you’re on the go, selecting staple pieces to travel with allow you to prepare for a variety of situations. You’re more likely to over pack when concerned about a downpour of rain or getting stuck in a cold and uncomfortable airport. Think of your travel bag as a tiny capsule wardrobe suited for multiple scenes.

Stop worrying, and plan to enjoy your trip instead. Here are twelve staple pieces to travel with as you go from point A to point Z.

Black Slip Dress

If you sweat in a black dress, it doesn’t matter. Slide into a slinky black slip dress for a quick, simple and elegant look you can dress up or down. A light sweater, fancy belt, pearls and heels make this look more conservative and dressed up. You can also substitute a tank dress or wrap dress here.

Classic Denim Button-Down Shirt

For hit-or-miss weather, a denim shirt will endure and offer style. A button-down denim shirt can be tucked into some skirt or slacks or left unbutton to substitute as a light jacket. A stylish scarf adds color and street chic appeal.

Feather-Weight Cami

Camis are essential for expert layering and lightweight packing. They come in scoop neck and v-neck styles and colors and tuck into various bottoms without fuss. Fold or roll them for easy packing. You can also substitute tanks here.

Classic Blazer

A classic blazer goes a long way to dressing up any look. Earn bonus points if you find a blazer with functioning pockets. If women’s blazers disappoint, peruse the men’s section for the power of inner pockets. Tailoring is always an option.

Layer the blazer over the slip dress or jeans, and don’t worry about pockets with this business casual look.

Choose a black blazer to pair with everything or select a royal blue or emerald green to color block with your outfits.

Pencil Skirt

If everything in your closet is baggy, square or accentuates the vertical, opt for a pencil skirt to add a professional look but also bring attention to curves in a linear outfit. They also come in fun colors and patterns. Pair with a cropped cardigan to emphasize your waist and curves in a conservative chic way.

Pencil skirts in natural fibers like cotton and with pockets exist, so you don’t have to miss out on practicality.

Maxi Skirt

Traveling somewhere hot and conservative? Choose a flowing maxi skirt that you can pair with a button up shirt and cute belt. The maxi skirt, especially A-line or pleated, adds a flowing elegance to your every step.

Black Leggings

Got jet lag and need a quick look for breakfast? Pack a pair or three of black leggings — non-transparent — and slip them on with a stylish baggy T-shirt. Dress up the look with a pair of sunglasses, scarf or loose patterned cardigan.

Basic T-Shirt

With the right neckline and cut, a basic T-shirt makes any look casual and chic at the same time. V-necks create a line down to emphasize your waist or vertical lines, and scoop necks soften while drawing the eye horizontally.

Pick a necklace that follows the neckline of the shirt to streamline your look in a chic way. Always pick a cut that you feel flatters your body and mood.

Pack a neutral color or two, such as gray and black, but also include a colorful shirt or two to play with as you construct your outfits.

Travel-Friendly Hoodie

Hoodies are versatile pullovers that function as a wearable blanket. So, it makes sense that travel fashion lines focus on emphasizing the hoodie’s versatility.

Look at the needs of your trip to select the perfect hoodie for you. Conceal your wallet, phone, charger and other gear in a fourteen-pocket hoodie, or choose a hoodie that has a convertible insert for a “pillow” during long flights.

Black Slacks

A comfortable pair of black slacks also dresses up an outfit and prepares you for a surprise semi-formal dinner or meeting you didn’t expect. Neutrals make business casual look effortless.


The beauty about scarves is their ability to convert into a head cover, bag or vest, among others. Scarves fit into any season or scene and come in an assortment of patterns and colors for every taste.


These staple pieces to travel with will get you through most awkward weather patterns and allow you to dress your looks up or down depending on your itinerary.

What if bad weather strikes or you need to cover your shoulders? Convert a scarf to either need. If you need to dress up for a nice dinner, put on a slip dress with a classic blazer and flats. That scarf will add a pop of color.

Don’t fret about packing for every unplanned scenario that may strike. Focus on enjoying your trip instead by packing some of my favorite staple pieces to travel with!


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