Mood-Boosting Tricks to Increase Happiness in Your Home

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Our environment has more of an effect on our happiness than we may think. When you live in a dirty, cluttered or poorly decorated space, you might feel a bit more scatter-brained or even solemn than you could if your home was more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re looking for ways to boost your mood by switching up certain aspects of your home, here are six ideas you can spring from to increase happiness in your home.

Incorporate More Colors

Nothing will bring you down more than dry, dreary colors throughout your apartment or house. While neutrals are ideal for the bedroom or other relaxing spaces, using vibrant colors for areas like the kitchen or home office can enhance your mood and even boost productivity.

Keep in mind that colors affect all of us differently, so make sure to pick shades that help you personally feel the way you’d want to when spending time in a certain room.

Let in More Natural Light

Do your serotonin levels feel like they need a quick boost? Open up the curtains, turn off the dreadful overhead lighting and bask in the natural sunlight. The natural light can help to fight depression, increase your serotonin levels and therefore boost your mood. Throw in some mirrors and other reflective surfaces to enhance the effects.

If your home is lacking lots of windows, at least replace your harsh lamps and overhead lighting with warm, calming bulbs. If you can, opt for adjustable lamps.

Invest in Houseplants

Surrounding yourself with living plants is a way to reduce your stress and deepen your level of concentration. Nature can be one of the most powerful antidepressants out there, so if you can’t get outside, bring it inside to you.

In addition to boosting your mood, houseplants are also known for helping to purify the air in your home — sounds like a win-win!

Decorate With Things You Love

Think about the things that make you happy in your life. It could be your friends, family, hobbies, interests, pets or accomplishments. Display photos of these things around your home and look at them often to remind yourself of the greatest things in your life. Having framed childhood photos or other treasured belongings exhibited throughout your living area can also add to your happiness.

In addition to personal touches, choose to pamper yourself with small luxuries that make you feel good. Whether it’s the more expensive candles, bath towels or fuzzy socks, you deserve to feel like royalty in your own home — even if it only cost you $6 more than the cheaper brand.

Keep Your Place Neat

How could you feel positive with dirty dishes overflowing in the sink, piles of clothes on your floor and dog hair an inch thick on the carpet? Every morning or evening, dedicate 15 minutes to picking up your space. Put away things that belong elsewhere and store away items you won’t use within the next six months.

If it seems like no matter what you do, there’s always going to be clutter, you might want to consider purchasing organizers or storage solutions. Although you’ll be spending money, it’s well worth the investment — there’s nothing better than sitting down on the couch for the night in a clean, cozy home.

Buy Furniture With Rounded Edges

You’d be amazed how much the shapes, textures and arrangements of our furniture affect our overall mood. One University of California study discovered bringing furniture with rounded edges into your home can boost your learning and memory abilities, as these types of furniture encourage more brain activity. At the same time, furniture with sharp corners can make both you and any of your guests feel uncomfortable or edgy — no pun intended.

If you don’t want to buy all new furniture — which is completely understandable — you can try to counteract the negative feng shui of your coffee table’s sharp corners with rounded decorative items. Pillows, vases and other trinkets are perfect for counteracting furniture with sharp edges.

The way we decorate and maintain our homes has a huge influence on our overall happiness and moods. To organize your space in a way that lends itself to a happy mindset, follow these six tips to increase happiness in your home.


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