Our Favorite Destination Wedding Gift Bags for Guests

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Hosting a destination wedding is a dream that many brides have. It’s a fun way to get away from home for a while and still celebrate spending the rest of your life with the person you love most. Your guests will love seeing a new place too, but they’ll be juggling things like traveling, time off of work and potentially bringing their kids with them if they have their own immediate families. A great way to wrap your guests into your wedding and show how much you appreciate them coming is to give them destination wedding gift bags that add to their fun.

Gift bags can come in all shapes and sizes, so read on to learn the best destination wedding gift bags for guests. See if any match your location or theme, so guests can start enjoying your wedding before it even begins.

1. Necessity Bags

It’s inevitable that someone is going to forget their toothpaste or deodorant at home and not realize it until they’ve already arrived. Instead of making them find the nearest convenience store, have a necessity bag ready and waiting for them in their room!

Work with the place where your guests are staying to arrange the placement of their welcome bags before they arrive. Fill those bags with whatever they might forget, like travel toiletries. Even if they arrive prepared, having backups for their necessities will be a big relief.

2. Beach Themed Bags

The beach is a popular place for destination weddings because they’re so gorgeous and so much fun. Help your guests feel immediately transported to the beach by creating beach themed bags.

Fill them with sunscreen, sunglasses and maybe even koozies for their drinks. Anything that will let them have more fun on the beach.

3. Hiking Bags

Destination weddings also sometimes happen in mountainous regions. The scenery for pictures is gorgeous on mountains, so your guests will probably want to go hiking.

Make their welcome bags contain stuff that will be good for hiking. Trail mix, water bottles and even maps of nearby trails would be fun for everyone to open after a long day of traveling.

4. Kiddie Bags

Kids are historically not big fans of traveling, and they can be even grumpier when they don’t get to go home every night. The hotel or resort experience will be much more enjoyable for them if they get their own destination wedding gift bags, too.

Stuff party bags for kids with things like crayons, coloring books and bubble wands. You can also skip the bags for more destination friendly containers, like cute sand buckets.

5. Entertainment Bags

What are your guests going to do when they aren’t at your wedding? They’ll probably have a few extra days to fill, so give them entertainment welcome bags when they arrive.

Research your destination location well before everyone arrives. Print out guides to local entertainment, like what movies are playing while you’re there or what events are happening. No every guest will be interested in every event you point out, but they’ll be happy to know what’s going on and what they can do while they’re there.

6. Liquor Bags

For your guests who don’t mind indulging in a drink or two every so often, they’ll love to unwind after a long day of traveling with a thoughtful welcome bag that’s liquor themed.

Buy mini bottles of your guest’s favorite drinks and wrap them up in bows or ribbon. Put them in a bag or ask the hotel staff to leave them in your guest’s mini fridge with a personalized note. What better way to welcome them than by starting everyone off with a toast to a great trip.

7. Candy Bags

Candy is always a crowd pleaser, so don’t forget about it as you’re filling your welcome bags. It’ll work with any theme or decorations you decide to go with. The key is to get many different kinds of candy, so no one with a gluten or peanut allergy gets stuck with candy they can’t eat.

Giving your guests candy also opens up the possibility for some pretty sweet puns! Decorate every bag by writing a cute pun based on the candy inside. No one can say no to candy that comes with a joke.

8. Snack Bags

Vacationing comes with a lot of perks. You get to see a new place, eat at new restaurants and make amazing memories, especially if you’re at a destination wedding. But there’s always those moments when you’re in your hotel room with nothing to do and you get a little hungry.

Your guests may feel this way, especially after traveling, but they shouldn’t have to go back out in town for a quick snack. Your destination wedding gift bags can have all the snacks they’ll need. Pretzels and crackers are a good way to start your snack bags, and then you can add other kinds for the people you know best.

9. Hangover Relief Bags

Some people are going to enjoy your wedding more than others if you’re serving alcohol, and there’s no reason not to admit that! They should still be able to have a good time at your reception, even if they have to go home the next morning.

A hangover relief bag will come in handy for certain people. Leave them a few Advil packets, mini water bottles and even some chewing gum will help their morning start off on a much better note.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

If you were hosting your wedding just down the street from where you live, you might not think to give out gift bags at all. People wouldn’t have to drive too far, so it’d be a much smaller event.

When you have a destination wedding, guests will love you for recognizing the distance they traveled to see you get married. Gift bags are the perfect way to say thank you and welcome all at the same time.

Personalize your gift bags depending on who you’re giving them to. Make each bag have a theme according to your destination or your guests’ personalities.

Whatever you decide to put in them, don’t forget about the kids either. Everyone will love getting their own gift bag, since it’s such a personal way to say thanks.

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