What to Pack In Your Glamping Bag

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It takes people a while to give glamping a try, but I think everyone should try it at least once. I’ve loved being out in nature ever since I was little. I can’t get enough of being under the stars and listening to the trees rustle at night. When my friends said they were going glamping, I almost didn’t go. Why camp if you’re not going to immerse yourself in nature? But I’m glad I went! Glamping ended up being the perfect medium between camping and vacationing, so it’s great for almost anyone.

Something that I wish someone had helped me with was packing my glamping bag! I had no idea what to bring with me. On one hand, I’d been camping a million times before, but on the other hand, I knew this time would be different and less rugged. Now I know exactly what to bring when my friends decide to go glamping, so if you’re finding yourself in the same situation that I was in, check out my list of what I take in my glamping bag so you have just as great an experience as I did on my first time out.

Weatherproof Clothing

This is, of course, a must. Even if you’re sleeping in the world’s fanciest RV, you’re going to be outdoors sometimes and that means dealing with the weather. Don’t leave your clothes to the mercy of nature! Instead, bring clothing like a rain jacket, rain boots and even rain pants. It’s basic camping knowledge to not leave yourself in wet, muddy clothes for an entire week, so think ahead and come prepared by packing weatherproof clothing in your glamping bag.

Thick Socks

Did you ever have anyone tell you when you were growing up that wearing wet socks made you sick? Turns out, that’s a myth, but you’ll be glad to have an ample amount of socks to change into when you’re glamping. Sometimes water gets soaked through your shoes, or you need a little extra warmth at night. I always bring double the amount of socks I think I’ll need, just in case. Even with the glamping addition of a camper or RV, extra socks are still something you cannot leave out of your glamping bag.

Bed Supplies

Never underestimate the power of an air mattress. If you’re used to camping out in a regular sleeping bag, you’ll naturally want to leave the mattress at home. I know I did! But everyone else had just as great an experience in their sleeping bags on top their air mattresses, so next time I’ll splurge and bring one too. Make sure to get a thick air mattress that’s lifted off the ground and other things like sheets, a large blanket and some pillows. Glamping is all about being comfy, so go all out.

Fun Activities

Depending on where you’re glamping, your activities could look a bit different. I always bring a Frisbee or my bocce ball set when I’m camping the old fashioned way, but I also usually camp out somewhere tucked away in the mountains. There are other places you can camp at that are next to wineries or yoga retreats, so you’ll set up camp knowing what you want to do while you’re there besides hiking and making s’mores. This is more in the glamping style because it brings entertainment to your trip.

Your Favorite Hammock

Hammocks have become super popular recently, and what better way to use it than while you’re glamping? During those moments where you need to get away from everyone and read a book or want to take a nap without climbing into bed, you can set up your hammock. Plus, having a friend take a picture of you relaxing in your hammock would make a great Instagram post for you to show off how much fun you had glamping.

Portable Battery

In any horror movie that has anyone in the wilderness, electronics always die and leave the characters to their doom. It’s all I think about whenever I pack an extra battery for my camping trips. I knew I’d especially need one for glamping, for things like lights and my phone. Thankfully, there are tons of great battery packs to choose from depending on what you want them to do. Definitely bring one of these with you on your trip—your friends will think you’re the life of the party.

Portable Stove

The thought of eating baked beans out of a can around fire makes me feel all cozy inside, but I knew my friends wouldn’t feel the same way. There’s something about a home cooked meal that makes any trip perfect. That’s why I made sure to bring my portable stove and any necessary dishes. One thing to take note of though is that the best portable stoves work off gas or propane, so you’ll need to fill up before you hit the road.

Water Filtration System

If you know you’re headed out to a traditional campsite, you’ll want to bring lots of bottled water for yourself and the group, but if you’re truly glamping, you might find you have access to a sink. In that case, bring a water filtration system so you can save money on water bottles and just refill your glass whenever you’d like. I can’t stress enough that having access to more water than you think you’ll need is so important to think about before doing any kind of camping.

Mood Lighting

I guess this falls under personal preference, but I know that when one of my friends was trying to fall asleep in my tent, she felt panicked. She’d never been camping before, so getting comfortable enough to sleep was hard for her. Bringing mood lighting can help with that! Go find yourself some battery powered lanterns or a string of fairy lights to plug into that portable battery you brought. The outdoors will feel like home in no time.

Glamped Up Basics

Don’t forget the basics! If you’re a light sleeper, bring some ear plugs to help tune out the birds and crickets, and maybe an eye mask if you hope to sleep in. You’ll also want to bring a couple of your favorite fluffy bath towels and maybe a heavy throw blanket to sleep under if you’re staying somewhere cold. Don’t rule anything out. Bring whatever will make you comfortable and help you have fun.


Glamping can be a great experience if you know what to bring, and now you do! I’m so glad I took my friends up on their offer to go glamping, because it made a whole new side of my camping world open up to me. Glamping is a great trip for anyone to make, and it’s also a good way to get your feet wet if you’re interested in trying out hardcore camping one day. Make sure to think ahead and know what you’ll need in your glamping bag, and then you’ll be guaranteed to have a great time.


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