Places You Should Travel Depending on Where You Are in Life

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You have to know where you’ve been to know where you’re going. Life flows in phases, and paths diverge on the weirdest roads. Don’t worry: You’ll get there.

You’re programmed to aim for a destination and that often makes you need to get away, but where? Two steps forward may mean one step back. You may find yourself back at some reincarnation of a phase.

Match your destinations to where you are in life. Get the best full-life experience out of your wanderlust as possible.

Single, Fierce and Feelin’ Your Independence oatyhejmm9e-jens-johnsson

Loneliness isn’t fun, but you don’t need it when you’re a lioness (or whatever spirit animal you want to be). Let people flow in and out of your life, and appreciate what every meeting and moment has to offer you. Life is full of potential, and you could pick any path.

Do what you want and explore. Be a nomad among nomads. Hang out in the hostel with strangers made family. Go barhopping, dance and party. Jump out of a plane. Backpack across a country, or hike across an entire mountain range. Match your sense of limitless potential to multicultural experiences, wide-open space and the unique beauty of the world. Take a bite out of the Big Apple.

Where to go: Big cities like New York City, San Francisco, Houston, Las Vegas and New Orleans. Go hiking on the Appalachian Trail or backpacking in Europe. Go rogue.

Quarter-life Crisis, Midlife Crisis and Crap, I’m Old Crisis iu-u2_ech18-julia-caesar

Each phase of life has rites of passage and moments where you get stuck. You look up trying to find your North Star, and it’s decided to take a vacation, too. What the heck are you doing with your life? What you’re supposed to do doesn’t feel right anymore.

Quarter-life crisis hits you somewhere between the end of those college days and when you’re just starting to establish your career (or not). Should you settle down or keep seeking?

Midlife crisis hits when you’ve been buried in your work, family or status quo for so long you don’t even know what you look like anymore. What do you do with your retirement years?

“Crap, I’m old” hits you when life’s gone by, and you’ve a mixed bag of experiences. You are who you are with less care for little things that drive everyone else crazy. “Crap, I’m old” doesn’t have to hit in your retirement years, either.

These feelings are awakenings from being stuck and stagnant. You’ve been doing the same thing for too long, and you need a new direction and a little rebellion.

Where to go: Make your own Eat Pray Love or Wild adventure! Go hiking across the Appalachian Trail, a little farther this time. It’s over 2,000 miles of hiking adventure to return to when such a crisis hits in whatever phase of your life. Get out of dodge and find your roots again.

When There’s a Someone Who Could be The One gzkswmdlogq-anita-peeples

You’ve caught the love bug, and it’s the real thing, whether it last six months or sixty years. You’re in love, and it feels like the world was made for only you two.

You have the same silly jokes. He picks the fuzz out of his belly button. She leaves the dishes out, and the forks are slowly seeking refuge at the neighbor’s. You’re both gross together in deep cheesy love.

Where to go: To the places all about love and coupledom. Take a tour of centuries old art museums filled with famous masterpieces in Italy and Paris. Tour California wine country. Hide away in a mountain cabin. See the Northern Lights in Norway together, keeping each other warm with your love.

Broke and it Ain’t No Joke 6khbjy2v-ge-tim-wright-1

You sigh as you stare at the beauty of the few hundred dollars in your account before you hit send on those bank checks. Well, that takes care of household basics. Now that you’ve got kids, that’s the major priority. Student loans, hospital bills and other debts haunt your dreams, and retirement was a beautiful dream for generations past.

You can still travel! Don’t let debt get you down, because you deserve to do more than survive. You deserve to thrive, and that doesn’t always come by putting your nose to the grindstone. Stop crushing your soul, and have some fun. You need to afford it before your sanity and health pays later.
Where to go: Think daycations! It’s all you ever needed, and you have to get away. Go camping at a site in the area. Sip wine at a vineyard across the state, after a hike in a beautiful state park.

A camping adventure in nature is also a great adventure for kids. Remember the trips of your childhood, and relive those with your kids. Check with travel agents for whole family deals on Disney trips. You could even ask your employer if there are travel opportunities with your work. When a friend needs someone to keep them company on a trip, just go! Hostels are also affordable in various big cities and countries for budgeting distant travels.


Traveling expands your horizon and stretches your personal boundaries. Going to the right place for where you are in life will remind you of where you need to be and what you are ready to release in life. To know where you are going, revisit where you’ve been, dare to live in the present and always dream about new sights and insights!


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