How Do You Plan on Getting the New Year Moving?

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When it comes to winter, the body’s natural state is at rest. When it’s cold, it’s understandable to want to hibernate the season away, but the New Year is coming!

Think of resting as flowing! It’s time to get moving with the New Year ahead, and bring movement into all areas of your life.


Move on From Negativity

Say see ya later to the drama and “Hello, serenity and peace of mind” in 2017. You have permission to remove everything negative from your life, especially toxic people.

What doesn’t bring you peace? What is holding back your growth and being a grumpy-pants about it? You don’t have to listen to the negativity, nor put up with it. Release it.

Releasing negativity won’t come all at once, and you may endure negative conversations in the process. Try this exercise: imagine your upper body as a mist and your lower body is heavy or rooted into the ground. You let what is said drift through you, while remaining grounded in the present and yourself.

The beauty of this exercise is that you begin to feel the negativity not affect you as much. Your peaceful state will show, becoming increasingly powerful.

Say No

It’s easy to say yes when you’re excited about new opportunities in your life, but sometimes you say yes when you really mean no. There are many ways to say no:

  • No way, jose!
  • Nope!
  • No, but thanks.
  • I’m not interested.
  • It’s not my thing.
  • I’m saying “Yes!” to me time.

Express your regrets and empathy, but let the “no” come graciously first. Making plans at a later date helps both parties deal with the no, which is not always a rejection. That idea takes time to get used to, because who wants another to feel rejected? Saying no is as empowering as saying yes, creating new paths and life movement based on your self-avocation and self-awareness.

Move Your Body

The New Year is usually a time for fitness resolutions, with goals to become more active, pick up a sport, lose weight or tone muscles. Start with simply moving your body.

This opens you up to stepping up to more specific goals with determination and dedication. Get comfortable in your body and flow with it. See what it likes, what it’s ready for:

  • Dance to your favorite music, or take up dance lessons. Dance is a wonderful way to feel your natural rhythm while working with a basic structure.
  • Take a Tai Chi class, which is very accessible for anyone with health concerns or physical challenges. Tai Chi is all about flowing with the energy of body and mind, and works with stability and movement in minute, slow movements. Flow with your personal sense of balance.
  • Enjoy nature with short, slow walks at a pace and time of the day that are best for you. As the weather warms, increase the length of these walks. Introduce a walking meditation to boost your mindfulness.

Start simply. Move your body. Finding your personal rhythm is key to how you move through your daily life, and in turn, into the New Year.

Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

What shakes up your soul, stirs your mind and gets you energized? What scares you and excites you, simultaneously, just by thinking about it? Doing what scares you empowers your belief in your ability to survive.

Get out of bed, out of your desk chair and out of your comfort zone. Many times, you are stuck but are content with how life is. It’s not that life is necessarily bad. It’s just not going anywhere. So, go!

Shake things up. Get out of your zip code: take a day trip, or travel overseas for the first time. Get out of your dead-end job: make a plan, and move on it! If it’s weird, move it to the top of your list. Start with the tip of your toe over the comfort zone, and then leap with full force.

Move into 2017 confident in your rhythm and direction, instead of feeling stuck and lethargic. Where do you need movement in your life? Is there a direction your life has been moving in that you want to change? Do it! Get the New Year moving!


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