How to Plan the Perfect Fall Weekend Trip

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Summer is almost over, but the fun doesn’t have to end.

While summer is often synonymous with vacations and traveling, that doesn’t have to stop once the season changes. In fact, traveling in the fall has a lot of advantages, including cooler weather, fewer crowds and cheaper airfare.

Planning a fall trip doesn’t have to use up any of your vacation time, either. A weekend trip is the perfect getaway to enjoy some new scenery and eat delicious foods. Below are some ideas on how to plan the perfect fall weekend trip.

Pick Your Destination

One of the appeals of traveling in the fall is seeing the leaves change color. It’s an awe-inspiring sight, and there are some great places to enjoy the fall foliage. But leaves aren’t the only reason to travel in the fall. A lack of tourists means that any destination will be a great place to visit and explore. Several places you may consider visiting include the following:

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

As the gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Jackson is a beautiful place no matter what time of year you decide to visit. However, in the fall, the temperatures are cooler and you can attend the annual arts festival. In addition, you can hike through Grand Teton National Park or check out Granite Hot Springs.

Yellowstone National Park

If you’re going to head to Jackson, you might as well make the trek all the way into Yellowstone National Park—it’ll be well worth your trip. The summer crowds are gone, so you’ll be able to enjoy the scenery and the outdoors without worrying about tons of tourists. It’s also a good opportunity to watch the leaves change color in spectacular country.

If you’re looking for places to watch the leaves change color, consider checking out the following locations:

  • Aspen, Colorado
  • The Catskills, New York
  • The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Savannah, Georgia

Heading south during the fall means that you’ll miss the heat and humidity of summer, but you’ll still find fun things to do. Falls in Savannah mean film festivals, concerts and haunted tours. The crowds might get a little large during this time of year, but there are sights and sounds worth experiencing.

Vancouver, Canada

If you’re looking to get out of the country, why not consider heading north? Vancouver has something for everyone with beaches and mountains. In the fall, hotel prices drop considerably, so it’s a good time to travel to the city to take in the sights and perhaps visit a museum.

Anywhere in the world is open for visitation during the fall months, but if you’re only going for a weekend, you may want to consider going somewhere close or within driving distance so you don’t have to spend the clear majority of your getaway traveling.

Things to Do

Once you’ve picked a destination, then it’s time to decide what you’re going to do there. From sight-seeing to visiting tourist places that are now devoid of tourists, fill your weekend with fun so you won’t be bored and the trip will be worth your time and effort. Fall is also a great time to find Oktoberfests or beer fests in different places. This may be a deciding factor in helping you choose your destination.

Bring the Right Gear

Traveling in the fall isn’t much different than traveling in the summer—you still need to make sure you pack the right gear and proper clothes. Since the weather is probably going to be cooler where you’re headed, you’ll want to ensure you have long pants and cozy sweaters. Layers are a good idea so that you can shed the outer ones if the weather is nice and warm. It might not be a bad idea to pack some lightweight winter coats, hats and mittens. It’s possible evenings and nights could get chilly.

Bring proper footwear so you don’t wreck your feet. It’s hard to hike through the woods to enjoy the leaves changing color or down streets for some retail therapy if your shoes are uncomfortable and your feet hurt. Depending on where you travel, you may also need to bring rain gear. Fall in a lot of areas means they experience more wet weather.

Don’t forget your sense of adventure and fun! This will ensure that you have an awesome time and create memories to cherish for the rest of your life.

Traveling in the fall can be a great time to get away without worrying about heat and tons of tourists. It can also be cheaper, which means your budget will go further. Plan your perfect weekend trip now!


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