Rituals to Make Your Hotel Room Feel Like Home

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I always find myself beckoned towards the new experiences of travel — which means hotels have become my make-shift second home. But while I spend countless days sleeping inside inns, motels, and hotels, it isn’t always easy to find that same level of comfort that I can effortlessly achieve inside my own house. After all, I find myself confronted by a new set of surroundings that diverges entirely from my norm, from the mattress to the décor — so how can I discover a sense of home during my travels?

Believe it or not, I’ve found a way to achieve the same level of coziness that defines my set of surroundings in my own abode. What’s my secret? I simply engage in six simple rituals that bring the best out of my environment and can make your hotel room feel like home.

Keep a Photo on Your Nightstand

Research studies show that a sense of happy nostalgia can significantly improve your sense of wellbeing and joy — and what better way to make your hotel room feel like home than to indulge in your memories with a personal showcase?

Whenever I find myself away from home, I always remember to take a piece of my past with me. A temporary hotel can quickly transform from a strange and foreign room to a feel-good space with a picture that reminds me of my life back home. Whether I opt for that favorite photo hanging on my fridge of my dog jumping to catch a ball or decide to choose that memorable picture of my family from my past summer vacation, I stress the importance of taking these memories with you to make your hotel feel like home.

Pack a Traveling Bag With Your Favorite (Healthy) Snacks

After a day full of travels and a lengthy flight or ride, it’s not uncommon for me to work up a hefty appetite by the time I take that first step through my hotel room. I always make sure my anticipatory feelings of indulging in a delicious meal don’t fall short of my expectations when I see that my hotel only offers a complimentary cup of coffee and two measly chocolates — I merely pack my own tasty treats instead!

I always make sure to include various healthy portable snack options in my traveling bag to fuel up with the energy necessary to power through the day. After all, there’s no better way to make your hotel room feel like home than by digging into my favorite jar of peanut butter or trail mix.

Unpack Your Suitcase

I’m all too guilty of leaving my suitcase packed for my entire stay at a new hotel — for weeks to months on end. After all, I won’t be staying in this new room indefinitely, so it’s probably best to keep my loving possessions packed neatly in their bags, right? Well, not quite.

Unpacking my suitcase is one of those small steps you can do to make your hotel room feel like home. After all, my room isn’t full of boxed up clothing and shampoo bottles, so my hotel room should display this same level of coziness and belonging, too.

When I take that first step into a new space, my top priority has become hanging up my clothes and unloading my various daily necessities. Plus, the neat display of my favorite dresses hanging up in a closet makes for a more natural morning preparation, too.

Bring a Scent from Home

Our sense of smell is greatly connected to our memories, so it’s no wonder the scent of a nostalgic candle can help you find your sense of belonging — even in a hotel room.

No smell seems to define my house more than the fruity scent of dryer sheets. I stick them everywhere I can imagine — from in the crevices of couch cushions to under my mattress and sheets — to achieve that freshly laundered smell in every corner I can. When I travel, I place a dryer sheet or two under my hotel pillow to keep a sense of home with me at all times.

Plus, nothing feels better than waking up to the sweet aroma of freshly laundered sheets that smell as though I’m the only one who ever slept in my hotel bed.

Break Out the Speakers

Nothing puts me in my element quite like a burst of soothing jazz or sweet rhythmic melodies. While I may have my phone and a set of headphones with me wherever I venture, it’s important to have a set of speakers that allows me to get ready on the go, too.

I don’t need anything too fancy, either. A simple set of Bluetooth speakers allow me to easily walk from the kitchen to the bathroom while the sounds of soothing saxophones continue to follow me through the hotel.

Keeping a Healthy Routine

Nothing puts me in my element quite like a daily schedule and routine. From having my morning cup of coffee to wrapping myself in a warm blanket at the same time each day, I’ve come to realize that to make your hotel room feel like home comes with keeping up with a routine.

One of the best ways to wake up feeling refreshed is to keep your daily sleep schedule while sticking to your everyday health routine. I’m guilty of sometimes making vacations and getaways synonymous with all-nighters, but I always find myself immediately regretting it the next morning.

Maintaining my regular sleep schedule, getting in my daily cardio, and waking up at the same time every day are essential parts of making sure nothing seems imbalanced, even during those days that I’m out of town or away.

I may spend more time kicked back on foreign mattresses and shower in a different bathroom nearly every day — but that’s okay. No matter where I go, I’m always able to find a piece of home that gives me the comfort and warmth necessary to power through the day. I hope you will follow these rituals to help make your hotel room feel like home!


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