As featured on Helene in Between: Why I Would Rather Travel Than Be in a Relationship

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Okay, so maybe some of you know this by now, and maybe some of you don’t. But here it goes: I am single.

(Okay, maybe it wasn’t as dramatic as it played out in my mind to be…) I will say though, being single has been a bittersweet thing in my life for me. Mostly sweet though. I am an early twenty year old wanderlust junkie, looking to expose myself to only the most empowering, positive, influential things that I can wrap my hands around right now in life. Being able to just focus on myself has been pretty golden. I really cannot complain.

Yes, I absolutely have thoughts about what it would be like to have a significant other to join me in these endeavors, even if it is just someone to share my dreams and passions with over a cup of tea in a hammock (that actually sounds pretty nice right now). I am sure it will be lovely when it happens.

However, right now I am enjoying being able to focus on myself and the things that truly make me happy. Thankfully enough, my friend Helene from Helene in Between allowed me to share my thoughts on why I would rather travel and experience the world than be in a relationship right now. Here is a little snippet from the piece :

“When you’re young, it’s time to travel. If you want to see Paris, hike the Himalayas or live for 3 months on a beach in Thailand, it’s better to do it when you’re footloose and fancy-free. Sure, you say, but isn’t a relationship more important? Isn’t finding a great boyfriend or girlfriend the mission to accomplish in your twenties and early thirties? I’d much rather travel than be in a relationship. Here’s 6 reasons why:”

See the full post over at  Helene In Between! 🙂



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