Something Borrowed: How to Make Wedding Rentals Work for You

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Your wedding expenses can become overwhelming in a flash after you purchase new decor, props and high-end products. You might feel increasingly tense as the numbers stack up. But to ease your stress and keep your celebration breathtaking, try taking advantage of wedding rental services.

You might have doubts about renting major elements of your wedding, but you can get these temporary fixtures and borrowed pieces to create your ideal ambiance. Check out the following guide to wedding rentals and ensure your event is unforgettable — for the right reasons.

Wedding Attire

For a gown you’ll only wear the day of your wedding, purchasing a wedding dress can get pricey. Many women look forward to the process of selecting the perfect dress, but you might not have the same expectations for your wedding-day ensemble.

When you rent your wedding gown, you can pick a designer dress at a fraction of the cost and avoid the hassle of washing or maintaining the dress afterward. You can also borrow bridal jewelry and veils to pull your look together. Renting a bridal gown can substantially reduce your price and free up the money to splurge on other things.


For a chic shelter for outdoor weddings, you can include a tent in your choice of style and size as well as the accessories you’d like. Renting a tent will keep your guests protected from any impending weather and give you peace of mind. Consider your outdoor location, and find an option with a simple installation process to minimize the cost and fuss.

The fabric, structure and size can have a huge impact on your wedding, so weigh your options. Do you want a billowy and see-through material? Or are you set on a thicker and sturdier look?

Tables and Seating

Rental companies offer several ways to spruce up your big day with seating and tables. Depending on your wedding theme, you can optimize seating and get a charming look. For a classic appearance, go for round banquet-style tables. If you’re aiming for a boho or rustic ambiance with rented goods, try farm tables to introduce a sturdy and organic appeal.

Also, ensure your guests are comfortably seated while watching you walk down the aisle and for meals. You can outfit your reception area with rented banquet chairs, lounge seating as well as linens. If you are going for a relaxed setting, you can opt for benches, too.

Accenting Pieces

Dressing up your tables with the right accents and embellishments can be achieved with wedding rentals, and after your big day, you won’t have to worry about storing or reusing them. If you need elegant linens to drape over your tables, you can rent the hue you’re looking for.

Plates, cutlery and glassware can often be obtained from the same rental place, so you don’t need to search for these accents at multiple locations. For outdoor or backyard receptions, you might be able to find fun over sized lawn games, like life size Jenga, to rent, too.


Adding a soft glow to your wedding doesn’t have to empty your budget and involve a lengthy hunt for suitable equipment. You can have access to chandeliers, candelabras and specialty fixtures with certain rental companies, which can save you time and increase your wedding display.

Twinkle lights or stringed bistro lights are other romantic lighting elements to enhance the atmosphere. And for lighting out of a fairy-tale, rent lanterns to act as centerpieces or to line your walkway.


If your location doesn’t have a place where the post-ceremony dancing can take place, you can supply your own when you rent a dance floor system. From oak to redwood, portable dance floors can complement your decorations and provide a durable area for your guests to dance the night away.


You’ll also want to ensure you have the right mix of songs and sound equipment for your guests feel to free to bust a move. Rather than trying to determine everything you need yourself, though, go with a DJ. Just make sure they have experience with weddings since you’ll want a diverse array of music to accommodate the wide variety of ages.

Borrow Special Pieces for Your Special Day

Rental items can reduce your wedding planning workload and equip you with accessories and styles you may not have thought you needed. Opting to borrow rather than buy can help you manage this special celebration and reduce your expenses. Accomplish the wedding look you want without exceeding your budget.

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