Spiritual Travel Destinations: Top 10 Reasons to Go

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It’s easy to get stuck in a routine, going to the same places so many times that they seem to lose their color. Travel is one way that you can escape and experience something new. Pretty much any spiritual travel destinations can help jolt you out of repetition and inspire you to come back to your routine feeling renewed.

However, some travel destinations are just as loud and fast-paced as the places you may want to leave. Though there’s nothing wrong with excitement, sometimes you need to visit a place where your spirit can be refreshed. Though it might sound cliché, visiting spiritual travel destinations can be a truly powerful experience.

Travel can be a welcome change of pace from a demanding and ever-changing life. If you’re still not sure a meditative journey is for you, here are 10 reasons to visit a spiritual site on your next vacation.

To Create Special Memories

One great thing about travel is its ability to give you a strong memory that stands out from the rest. New sights, sounds and sensations will stick with you for years to come. This is especially true if your destination is personally significant.

If you’re planning a wedding, honeymoon or looking to celebrate a meaningful event, you might consider traveling somewhere that holds spiritual significance. Picking a venue that feels special — either because of its connection to your religion or some facet of your life or relationship — can ensure the memories you make there will last a lifetime.

To Connect With Your Roots

One common reason people visit spiritual travel destinations is to connect with their ancestors. Visiting places of pilgrimage can strengthen your religious connections, remind you where you come from and even give you a new lens through which to view modern life. Plus, most pilgrimage sites offer knowledge of a rich history and culture for you to experience.

Sites of religious pilgrimage can include birthplaces of important figures, burial sites, places of significant historical events and even natural features of the land.

To Experience Natural Beauty

Going on a spiritual journey doesn’t require you to seek churches and temples or read up on history — at least, not if you don’t want to. Some people prefer to renew their well-being surrounded by nature, away from even the quietest signs of human life.

Some of the world’s most sacred sites are themselves part of nature. Lakes, mountains, rivers and other natural features around the world are considered sacred by people of various traditions. It’s no surprise: These sites include some of the most awe-inspiring examples of natural beauty the planet has to offer.

To Learn About Yourself

A spiritual journal can be both actual and metaphorical. While you may travel to a spiritual location and experience the surroundings, you may also become more familiar with aspects of yourself. Many people seek this inner development when traveling.

In order to make your travel spiritually enriching, you might want to disconnect from technology, observe your surroundings and leave yourself plenty of downtime in your travel itinerary. By approaching your trip with intention, you can get the most out of your spiritual journey.

To Spend Quality Time With Family

Vacations of any kind can bring families together. However, sometimes families sacrifice quality time for quantity of experience. While Disneyland might be fun, you can end up cramming so much into your days that you’ll leave feeling drained.

Taking your family on a slow-paced vacation can relieve some of the hectic energy typically involved in traveling with large groups. The connections you’ll make can help you feel closer to one another, even after you return home.

To Reunite With Loved Ones

If you have close family or friends in a different corner of the world, you would probably benefit from visiting them. Meeting in person can feel more significant than can conversation over phone or text.

Rather than inviting yourself to their homes, consider planning a vacation with them. If they’re willing, ask them to show you culturally or spiritually significant sites in their area. Not only will you get to spend time together, but you’ll also learn a little more about where they live.

To Find New Inspiration

Getting out of your everyday routine is great for creativity. Because spiritual travel destinations are often brimming with gorgeous art, they can be great destinations for people searching for fresh ideas. If you’re an artist, consider leaving yourself free time to work creatively so you can capture the moment right when inspiration strikes.

To Fulfill an Important Dream

Many people have at least one spiritual site they’ve always dreamed of visiting. Whether you want to stroll through Vatican City or look up through lush trees at ancient Mayan temples, visiting a spiritual destination is a quick way to cross something off your bucket list.

To Start a New Life Chapter

A memorable trip can mark the beginning or end of an era. If you feel the need to turn a page in your life, a special trip could help you.

To take advantage of this feature, plan your trip around qualities you hope to bring into your life.

To Get Away From It All

Finally, traveling to a spiritual destination is perhaps most powerful when contrasted with the locations you find yourself in during your everyday life. Spiritual travel destinations can give you a well-needed break while opening your eyes to new perspectives.

If you’ve decided to go on a spiritual journey, make sure you bring some of the wonder back with you as a souvenir to remind you of the beauty and meaning that makes life, and travel, so worth it.

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