Step into Nature by Enjoying These Early Spring Activities

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Spring has arrived at your doorstep, and you’re ready to welcome it with open arms. Violets and dandelions burst forth in your garden, reminding you to cultivate new buds and activities this season. Seek out the often-overlooked types of beauty and hidden treasure, to reclaim, repurpose and make them whole again.

Vines creep their way forward, overtaking forgotten trails and reminding you to forge new ones, dancing at spring festivals and concerts to the heartbeat of the Earth. Step into nature with these early spring activities:

Cultivate New Buds chelsea-bock-6563

Flowers and plants you’d never imagine would survive the long winter have begun to spring up. Meanwhile, the space in your garden could do with some revitalization, or maybe you’ve been dreaming too long of cultivating your own vegetable garden. Take the inspiration and run with it to the nearest nursery to pick up new buds to plant, such as heirloom tomatoes, cucumbers, mint or calendula flowers.

As your fingers nurture these seeds, let your mind wander to the seeds of your own life. As a farmer turns over the earth every planting season, what bit of earth are you turning over? What seeds would you like to plant in your life? Name them: trying one new thing every week, asking your cute neighbor on a date and taking salsa dancing lessons or a painting class.

Explore Hidden Groves eduard-militaru-129396

As weeds have the habit of springing up in between neat concrete creases of sidewalk blocks, let your wayward eyes catch hidden gems while walking down the street.

See your routines in a whole new way. On your break to go get coffee, take in the new flower or gift shop that’s sprung up in the last month.

Maybe it’s a hilly greenway that’s caught your eye for a healing nature walk, good for the mind and the body. Take a few minutes, and go wander in this hidden offering of nature.

Chances are that there are other hidden groves and gems that have caught your eye. Ask yourself: Where does that path lead? Dare to explore it.

Find the Beauty in the Old roman-kraft-208004

Early spring has a habit of growing yard sale signs at crossroads. Once you decipher the hieroglyphs of the childlike handwriting, go on a quest for Saturday morning treasure. Someone else’s junk is the perfect piece of furniture you’ve been looking for. Yard sales, thrift stores, and flea markets abound with old beautiful things ready to be repurposed and made new for you.

These secondhand sacred spaces offer opportunities for your creative mind to click into gear. You can find any and everything here. Discover the beauty in the old, and let your creativity bloom.

Dance with the Breeze jens-johnsson-121803

Flower petals flit as tree boughs shake their leaves to the rhythm of the breeze. Dance with it, and check out live music on the street, festivals and other events. Attend a drumming class to connect with your heartbeat and that of the Earth, letting your hands keep the nurturing pace. Do yoga at the park, and watch the sun rise.

Wear dapper hats and flowing skirts. Let yourself dance with the breeze at these events, and don’t care who’s watching.

Cozy scarfs, hats, blankets and warm cocoa are things of winter past. It’s time to come out of hibernation and step to the lively rhythm of spring.

It doesn’t matter if your steps are slow, fast, wiry or breezy. Cultivate new buds in the soil and soul. Explore hidden groves that have caught your eye, and wander in the park, repurpose an old, beautiful armoire or dance to live jazz at a festival. Stretch out of winter’s long sleep, and breeze your way into the wonders of a vibrant spring.


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