Stop These Thoughts and Go See the World

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Always dreamed you’d go see the world one day and end up exhausted on the couch for most days? When you’re left waiting for the day to come, you’ll never globe trot. Don’t break promises to yourself.

That was me — working hard every day to keep a roof over my head and putting my travel dreams on the back burner. For what? Sitting around on the couch or eating more take out? I still do both of those things, but I realized that what held me back from being an avid traveler wasn’t necessarily my circumstances. My negative thoughts held me back — I had to see the world.

The anticipation never leaves your mind and body every time you strike out on a new adventure. Here’s how to stop thinking negatively and get to traveling.

Stop Thinking from a Tourist Mentality

Just because you travel infrequently doesn’t mean that you’re not a traveler or you don’t love to experience new sites through your senses. Some travelers I have encountered develop this lofty sense of self-importance that displaces them from the tourists — it’s all in their heads. At the root of the issue for all travelers is the fear of missing out.

You deeply want to connect with a place and its locals. You want to feel like a local elsewhere without the shiny paint and faux culture. When you take off to see the world, that’s the true aim — to see the world in all its glory. See what resonates with you.

You Don’t Need to Be Rich

You don’t have to be rich to see the world. Can you barely rub two cents together? Take all your street smarts and turn them into travel smarts.

Obviously, the first idea is to check out hostels, but don’t discount your network for discounts. Ask family and friends who they know across the world willing to put you up for a day or two.

Focus on the experience over the material, and you’ll free up your time and money to fully experience wherever you end up. Work at the place you’ll stay. Surf couches. Barter services. Take free classes — every community has free events. When you book online, do it from a private browser to avoid the net tracking your keystrokes and trying to keep the prices high. Yes, it happens. Clear your cache and browser.

Your Boss Won’t Fire You

Many employees fear requesting time off because they’re afraid of getting behind on work or being lazy. The opposite happens when you travel. Research reveals that travel makes you more efficient and happier at work when you return from your getaway. Studies show that exposure to nature and new sensory experiences make you feel more inspired and focused. There you have it — time to go see the world.

Be upfront with your boss and develop a game plan. With notice, your boss won’t fire you. Keep up your work. Give yourself a good transition period if switching time zones. Getting back in the swing of things after jet lag feels like the worst.

You Don’t Have to Quit to Make Time

What if you could travel the world and make money? That’s the hook of every webinar on social media.

Don’t fall for it. The alternative of quitting your job to have time for traveling is also a myth. Work with your boss to schedule time. Remember, travel makes you happier and more productive.

Many jobs also offer travel opportunities, and if they don’t, work with your boss to create them. Research new markets and areas for growth. Ask your boss for flex time where you can travel and work at the same time. Get creative, because life is short, and you don’t have to quit your job to make time to see the world.

You’re Not the Kind of Busy You Need to Be

Once you’ve debunked your other excuses, it comes back to “I’m too busy.” Why are you so busy, and what part of that busyness is you separating yourself from living life and traveling?

Cut out what you don’t need and no longer serves you. Don’t focus on running from task to task and risk burnout. In the technological age, workers operate in a burnout culture, and the health risks outweigh the rewards. Don’t increase your risk for disease and ill health. Enjoy the time you have on this Earth and see the world.

Stop allowing these negative thoughts to hold you back from seeing the world. If you don’t keep promises to yourself, then you’ll let others walk all over you and never achieve your dreams.

Traveling connects you more deeply to yourself and the world. It doesn’t matter how much money you have or don’t have, and you don’t have to quit your job or fear your boss will fire you. Stop living in burnout culture and engaging in these excuses. Go see the world.


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