Take Time for Yourself by Doing These 4 Things Each Week

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Do you make time for yourself anymore? The answer is probably rarely, if at all. You know that you deserve it, but with the to-do list constantly refilling, who has the time?

Take time for yourself. Seize it, because it is precious and yours. When you take time for yourself, a little every week, you remind yourself of how special you are:

Sleep for the Sake of Sleeping 103cugloj_g-iris-juana

Constantly on the alert, your eyes deviate between tasks and struggle to stay open. Refilling your mug with coffee is “you” time these days. You do what you have to do, right?

Not at this moment. Take the time to get a little sleep. For added luxury, put some soft, clean sheets on your bed and fluff those pillows. Turn your essential oil humidifier on and light up your salt lamp. When was the last time you felt your legs kick under the silky sheets as you found the perfect catnap position?

Take as long as you need. Lie down and snuggle up with a million pillows. Wrap yourself into a blanket burrito. Cuddle with the dogs. Nap, and let yourself slip peacefully away into dreamland. Sleep for the sake of sleeping, and remind yourself that you can still dream.

Breathe drinking-coffee

How long have you being carrying the weight of a stressful day and the weight of issues that do not belong to you?

Breathe, and do whatever you need to loosen up your body, mind and spirit. Focus on breathing in and out slowly, holding each breath for three counts. Meditation and mindful breathing help you feel connected to your center and to the world at large. This is a great way to check in with yourself at any time during moments of stress.

Breathe as you journal, walk the dog and shower. Let your illusion of control slip away and fill your lungs with the stuff of life. Breathing is being, and the very act of breathing is an act of creation.

Create t6ixazlehje-giulia-bertelli

Use your hands, heart, mind and passion to create something beautiful in this world, for yourself. Draw a few spirals and doodles of clouds. Sing loud and proud in the shower.

What passions have you put aside and forgotten? Dust them off, and put your creative hat back on! Creation comes with doing new things, claiming a moment as your own and assigning meaning to it. The littlest acts of creation have the biggest personal impact.

Cook 98jmhl28zk8-mira-bozhko

Cook for yourself. Spoil yourself royally with a homemade meal. It doesn’t have to be made from scratch, but it will be made out of love, all for you.

Buy some back up chips and salsa, and some cilantro to chop up yourself to add to the mix. Then, call your mom or a friend and get a delicious and easy recipe to try.

Let the soothing smells of warm baked good or homemade bread fill the house and truly make it feel like your hearth. Take a peek the oven, and sneak an early taste test before it fully cools. Feed and fuel your body and feel the happiness that comes from doing so.

Taking time for yourself grounds and centers you in mind, body, and spirit. It’s in the little things: getting some shut-eye, focusing on your breath and the 3 C’s of creating, cooking and cackling. Focus on simplicity, and enjoy yourself without any demands, but your own.


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