The Airport Guide: How to Pleasantly Survive Your First Day of Travel – As Featured on Helene in Between

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As an avid traveler and explorer, I firmly believe that being able to survive your journey to, during and from the airport in a comfortable and relaxed manner is a very important skill set to have.  I have to admit, the airport is not my favorite place, especially for a wanderlust junkie like myself.  I either want to indulge in more of the unnecessary sweets and gift shop treats than my mind and body can handle, or I am so excited to get to my destination that my focus has diminished entirely.  However, being able to enjoy the airport and understand how it works is a skill you will want take along with you on all of your trips.



“Whether you have traveled by air or not, you’ve most certainly heard about the trials and tribulations of long layovers and flight delays.  The aggravation is almost universal, especially when it results in missing a connection, have to cancel a meeting, or — gulp — being stuck overnight in an airport.  With all this in mind, if you’re a first-time traveler, it’s easy to focus on everything that could go wrong. Don’t worry! All it takes is a little bit of insider knowledge to set you up for success.

Here are a few tips from seasoned travelers to make your airport experience as painless as possible.  Who knows? With the right attitude and plenty of preparation, it might even be fun.”

Be sure to check out my full Airport Survival Guide by going to Helene In Between! 


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