The Beauty of Being Alone

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What happens when you are alone? Do you feel lonely? Well, sometimes, yes I do feel lonely because I’m human, but I also feel at peace with being on my own. There’s a beauty you experience, a wonder and awe about the world and yourself you see more deeply and clearly for the first time.

For so many years, I had lost touch of that feeling. I used to be the kid who hid under the blankets with a flashlight and a book, reading deep into the dark of night. There’s something solitary about the night, wild and open, just as there is when you are in the presence of yourself — which being alone really is.

open road

Being Open

That feeling of openness is big and scary, like a monster or a bear is going to jump out from the shadows of your nightmares. You can see in the dark if you let your eyes adjust.

Let yourself adjust to the beauty of being alone. Let yourself adjust to just how big and beautiful your potential to go out and do so much in the world is powerful, gorgeous and downright scary.

Listen to the quiet and the noise. You’ll have so much to tell yourself. Write it down. Do you feel vulnerable? Do you feel heard? Do you feel restless? Hone in on your center, and sit with it. Get to know and love yourself, with all your wounds and strengths.

Be open to that potential. Let your five senses take in beauty, through touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. Be open to yourself and the unique ways you experience the world.

Wander jazmin-quaynor-35847

You know how when the mind gets started, it’ll keep chewing on a subject. Wander to satiate the embers of wanderlust, and experience a whole new sense of wonder. Wander to wonder.

The best companion to travel with is yourself.  You have no one to answer to,  no one else’s schedule to keep up with, and you can stare at paintings in the Louvre—until they kick you out, but please don’t do that because you may want come back one day.

There have been countless times I have felt lost in my life, and that’s when solo travel has literally saved me. It’s never too late to simply pick up and go on a mini adventure. You don’t have to cross an ocean to find yourself. Sometimes, you just have to cross the street.

Explore that new coffee shop or travel to a nearby city. Ride the elevator to the top. Try new foods. Meander. Explore. To know where you’re going, just go. The way will find your feet as your steps fall into to place, because the best lesson you can learn is that you will always be there to catch yourself, pick yourself up and dust yourself off, when it really counts.


Deep in the belly of life and experience, you’ll feel like life is chewing you up and spitting you out. Life is a process of constant rebirth, recreation and revisualization.

In those moments where you feel alone, remember that you are the seed. Creation starts with you. Being alone teaches you the importance of listening to and trusting yourself. Trust your gut. It really does know the lessons of life. Your conscious and subconscious have filtered experience in ways you’ve never dreamed, and your knowledge will shine through.

Plus, you’ve got real guts, kid. I never thought I had the guts to do half of what I’ve accomplished in my life. The beauty of being alone, and knowing myself, is that I finally give myself the credit I deserve. I have the confidence to give myself the push I need.

There’s real beauty in being alone, and sometimes there is an element of loneliness that enters in the picture. The most beautiful aspect of that picture is the perspective you receive on life and yourself. You see yourself so clearly, appreciating your potential and experience, and push yourself to do what you never thought possible, because you let yourself dare to dream and do.


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