The One Thing I Always Wear on Summer Flights

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It’s no secret that airports and airplanes are full of germs. Especially during those summer months when temperatures outside go up, travel increases, and air conditioners run on full blast, specifically in airplane cabins that may become steamy from hours baking in the sun on the tarmac. Be prepared. One light jacket or blanket may not be enough for you, but there’s one easy thing you can wear on your body to ensure immediate warmth and comfort – fuzzy socks.

It’s almost always a good idea to wear socks when you travel, especially if you plan to spend time in an airport or on an airplane – where germs are rampant, comfort is at times impossible and your days and nights can be long and exhausting. You could even be stuck on a tarmac for hours before take-off or stranded in a terminal until bad weather passes over. You never know with air travel.

Whether at an airport or on a plane, you’re stuck in close quarters with a bunch of strangers. Use proper etiquette, and don’t be that person who takes their socks off during a flight. I always try to stay mindful of others around me. I try to remember that we’re all stuck on the same flight, so may as well keep it pleasant.

Read on for six reasons you should wear fuzzy socks on summer flights, so you don’t feel the need to take your socks off or even your shoes, in some cases.

Mask Odors

Most feet smell. It’s just a fact. They may not smell bad to you because you’re used to them, but that doesn’t mean their stench won’t offend someone else. Keep your foot odor at bay by wrapping your feet in a nice pair of fuzzy socks. Make sure you find a non-cotton blend. Otherwise your feet will end up sweaty and smelly anyway.

Keep Yourself Warm

Airplane cabins can be chilly, so without a blanket or jacket to keep you warm, it may become hard for you to rest on your flight. A nice pair of socks will keep you warm and cozy while you’re in flight, making it much easier to close your eyes and drift off. You’ll be surprised at how warm they keep you, and you also won’t have to lug around a blanket or jacket.

Be Respectful to Those Around You

On those longer flights, you and everyone else are more prone to taking off your shoes because feet naturally swell when in flight. If you know this may be the case, plan for it with your socks, so you don’t draw attention to yourself.

Be discreet during the transition, and slide your shoes off underneath the seat in front of you. You’ll feel instant relief and won’t have to worry about anyone giving you the look. If you need to take a bathroom break, slide those shoes back on.

Keep Your Feet Clean

75% of Americans wear both their socks and shoes when traveling in an airplane. You want to be part of this group, not the other 25% that breaks out their sweaty feet mid-flight. Let’s be real. No one wants to look at your feet, even if you have a cute summer pedicure. In fact, there aren’t many people out there who yearn to sit by someone else’s bare feet. Keep this in mind whenever you fly because it could save you from angry stares from fellow passengers.

Not only are you doing everyone else a favor by wearing socks, but you’re doing yourself a favor by keeping a barrier between your feet and any germs found on the airplane.

Don’t forget security lines because even if you have TSA precheck, agents may still ask you to remove your shoes. Forgot to wear socks? Your bare feet are in for a rude awakening when they meet a ground millions of other people’s feet have stepped on.

They Are Soft

Wrap your feet up in their own individual blankets with fuzzy socks. They are so soft; your feet will thank you every time you wear them. It’s an easy way to transform yourself from your typical airplane surroundings to a more comfortable environment that will get you through your trip.

Feel More at Home

Fuzzy socks can instantly make you feel more at home, even if you’re stuck on an airplane for the next 12 hours. Download a couple of good books or movies, then kick back and relax. Your feet will be warm and comfortable, which will remind you of being cuddled up at home.


It’s inevitable airplane cabins will be cold during the summertime, so plan for it. Flip-flops will do nothing for you, but a pair of warm socks can do wonders. They will keep you warm, no matter how cold your airplane cabin is. They can protect your feet from tons of germs and provide you an opportunity to remove your shoes.

Fuzzy socks are a win-win. So order yourself a few pairs in your favorite colors or designs, and put them to work so you can kick back, relax and enjoy the trip.


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