The Wildest Weekend Hikes

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Are you sick and tired with your sedentary lifestyle? If you answered yes, then you should immediately leave that office chair of yours – if you two have not already entered a symbiotic state, – and take a hike. No, really. There is nothing so immediate and so healthy as setting off along a popular hiking trail. So, put on your hiking boots and join us in this trip around the wildest hiking paths in the world. Mind you, they are all still pretty tame.


Italian hiking holidaydolomites

The southern part of the Alps is situated in Northern Italy, and this range also has a special name – the Dolomites. If you want some stress relief as well as a truly instaworthy walk, this is the right place for you. Besides, the Dolomites are a real eye candy, you will truly enjoy some breath-taking views of the snow-capped mountain tops and vivid green pastures at their feet.


Walking in Maineacadia

Acadia National Park is the only park of such kind in New England. Situated in Maine and overlooking the valley lakes, the islands in the Atlantic and the ocean itself, this national park is one of the most popular trekking destinations in the USA. Its extensive grid of foot paths inspires hikers from all over the world to come and feel the Maine walking experience.


Aussie walking tripblue mountains sydney

Australia is definitely one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. While most visitors go to Melbourne and Ayers Rock, few people know about the beauty of the Blue Mountains near Sydney. You can reach them from Sydney by car, coach or train, and then enjoy the peace and calm of this area. You can choose daily walks, overnight hikes and many other options that suit your walking preferences.


The route of cowboysgrand canyon

To tread on the same sand as the pioneers that explored new frontiers, to feel the sweat of genuine Arizona hiking trails, go trekking around the Grand Canyon – one of the hottest and most exciting places in the world, especially in this trending americana craze. Only genuine hiking enthusiasts will conquer the walking paths of the Grand Canyon.


Deep Latin south patagonia

The walking potential of the Andes can be compared to the one of the Alps. If you want to hike on the walking heights of the Latin south, set off for a hiking trip to Patagonia. The Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares national parks, situated in Chile and Argentina, respectively, offer the famous W-hike, which gives a unique view of pristine mountain lakes and active glaciers. But above all, you can also spot beautiful flying condors in this area.


As high as you can get – Everesteverest

The ascent to the top of the Himalayas should be left to professional mountaineers. However, recreational hikers can reach Kala Pattar without any problems. That point is enough for you to witness the unique beauty of the Himalayan villages, trademark suspension bridges and the infamous Khumba icefall.


Bhutan side of the Himalayasbhutan

As you’re already in region, it would be a shame not to try the Snowman Trek in Bhutan. This trail takes its visitors over nine passes and there are six mountains on different sides of the path. The must-see attractions of this hiking tour are definitely the Buddhist monasteries.


Hiking may not be the only way to help your body regain its old energy and shape, but the popularity of walking and hiking among seniors goes to show that it is a highly practical sport that anyone can do and benefit from. From a stroll down your local park to serious and demanding hikes in the wilderness, this is nature’s invitation to spend some quality time with yourself. So, take a hike!


This post was written by Kate Flannery, editor in chief at High Style Life: a website dedicated to life and all the little pleasures it brings.  



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