Destination Wedding: The Top Wedding Blogs to Follow

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Deciding on where your ceremony will take place is one of your first big decisions and having a destination wedding is something many brides opt for. Why not go somewhere beautiful to have your wedding? Getting out of town to get married somewhere new and romantic can be a dream come true, but until then, you need to know more about which destination is right for you. So, you decide to peruse the top wedding blogs.

Unless you’ve been planning for your wedding your entire life, you’re going to be spending a lot of time reading about destination weddings. Will you decide you’re going to Mexico, or halfway across the world? Read on for a great list of the top 10 destination wedding blogs you can follow so you know you’re getting the most accurate, up to date information possible. Start with one blog and work your way through these top wedding blogs slowly to get what you need.

Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

This blog provides the best resources to all brides. The comprehensive details will save you time and make you feel like you scouted the locations in real life. Mix and match your destination selections and make the most out of your hard-earned dollars. A quick trip to this site will show you endless destination varieties and deals that you could save you money. While in no order, it did make it to the first position on my list of top 10 destination wedding blogs!

Destination I Do

The goal of any wedding is to get to the end of the aisle on time, especially if that aisle isn’t in your hometown. Destination I Do offers a blog and magazine you can scroll through in your free time to find inspiration for any part of your wedding. Plus, there are multiple planning resources at your disposal in case you’re doing this all on your own.

Select all-inclusive wedding packages in Los Cabos or the rugged landscape of Montana, for example. Go on your honeymoon in epic Australia. The magazine advises readers on fitness apps and best photo poses. Use the website to gather inspiration from specifically organized details in hair and makeup, ceremony setup and gowns. For weddings and honeymoons, browse by country or region.

Bridal Guide

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about everything you have to do before your wedding. Things like getting a registry started and balancing your own health with your stress levels can get forgotten, and Bridal Guide knows that. This blog will help you keep everything in check with posts about bridal beauty tips to contests that provide winners will all-expense paid honeymoons.

Got everything covered for those showers and parties? The Bridal Guide provides solutions for the best manicures and party favors. Aside from picking out flirty bridesmaid gowns, the guide also helps brides solve common wedding day emergencies, get the most out of concierge services, and find their best side for bride and groom photos. Learn from the joys and challenges of other married couples as they went about having their wedding and making it through the initial rough spots.

The Knot

The Knot is an incredibly popular and famous site for anyone planning their wedding. They not only provide a blog you can follow with posts that will answer any question you could have, but they also offer a platform to keep all your wedding planning in one place. Edit your guest list, communicate with vendors and set up your wedding website without ever having to go to a different URL.

The Knot literally gives you an all-in-one planner when you sign up at the site. Watch your wedding unfold with a custom timeline. Build your registry, vendor list, guest list and a comprehensive checklist. Get a dedicated budget-er that makes sure you don’t exceed your financial goals. Place all the details on your custom wedding site so everyone knows exactly what to do and when to make your day the happiest.

Inspired by This

Many brides head to Pinterest or other social media sites to get ideas about what other brides are doing with their weddings. It’s fun to bounce ideas off of each other online so you can save what you like to discuss it with your planner later. Inspired by This will help you imagine all the creative possibilities you’ll have to choose from for your destination wedding all within an easy to use, minimalist website.

With sections like grow, work, fitness and travel, you’d think that Inspired by This was any other lifestyle magazine, but it’s got another section customized for brides. Imagine the possibilities for yourself and your big day. Talk about a wedding-life balance! It’s so easy to get caught up in all the details of your wedding and forget about the rest of life, but when you let inspiration flow, so will everything else without all that pesky stress.

Destination Wedding Details

If you’re worried that some blogs might have information on them that might not be doable for a destination wedding, then Destination Wedding Details is the blog for you. It specializes in posts revolving only around the idea of destination weddings. Anything you see will have either been done before or should be able to replicate at your own ceremony.

Destination Wedding Details says it’s the No. 1 destination wedding blog, but that’s for you to decide. The site certainly covers details others don’t consider, such as dedicating a section to destination wedding etiquette. You also get recommendations for personalized packages on private beaches or in a wild and romantic location in Puerto Rico. Get advice on money matters and making the trip possible for all as you peruse vendor and fashion ideas, even for men’s attire.

Martha Stewart Weddings

There’s a reason the Martha Stewart brand is so expansive and has been around for so long – they know what they’re doing. Their blog has posts on everything from cake toppers to bridal dresses, plus fun articles from recent weddings they attend and review.

Green Wedding Shoes

Those who are into fashion will absolutely adore the Green Wedding Shoes blog. They’ll give you inspiration for how to draw the world of fashion into your wedding and tie them together with photo shoots and scenery. These posts won’t look traditional, but fashion should be the same, should it?

Green Wedding Shoes is like stumbling onto a new favorite boutique that happens to have everything you love in one place. It was started by Jen and Jason, a couple in love just like the blog’s readers.

Southern Weddings

Many brides who don’t live in the south travel there for the romance of a southern wedding. Big, beautiful trees, weeping willows and fields as far as the eye can see make for picture-perfect moments. If your destination wedding will be in the south, Southern Weddings will help you capture the feeling and look of a southern wedding, so the ceremony feels just right, and the pictures look gorgeous.

Once Wed

Once Wed is a blog that will inspire new kinds of photo shoots to get the most out of your pre-wedding experience. You can also use it to buy used wedding items like dresses or sell yours after your wedding takes place. It’s a website where fashion and style meet affordability.

Destination weddings require extra thought compared to holding a wedding where you live. You probably won’t know the area well, so you’ll be doing lots of research, which means reading a lot of top wedding blogs. When you decide where you want to go, make sure you get the most out of your wedding by reading up on all the latest posts from these top 10 destination wedding blogs. They’ll inspire you and challenge you to think outside the box when it comes to your ceremony.

There’s always another way you can personalize your wedding to make it more about you and your partner. Use the scenery around you at your destination to come up with creative photo shoots. Enjoy every moment by spending time with the local businesses and attractions. Research as much as you can so you can do your destination wedding right. If you’re going to spend lots of time and money on your ceremony, you should go big and have fun with it.



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