Top 5 House Extension Tips for those on a Budget

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COVID-19 has forced most people to spend much more time at home. Many people have come to realise to be more comfortable and productive at home; they need to build an extension on to it. The biggest challenges many people who want to extend face is being able to fit the house extension cost into their budget.



The following are some of the top tips for how to save money on an extension and still build a ground floor extension any other type of home addition they want and need.


1. Research


To create and stick to a realistic budget for house extension ideas, research the cost of the materials, products and labour it takes to do the job. This will enable you to make informed decisions about what you can realistically afford to have in an extension to your home. Talk to friends, relatives and the building trades associations in your area.


2. Simple Design


One key for building on a budget is to keep the design. When you create complicated house extension plans, it will cost more to construct it. There are many aesthetic, cost-efficient, simple home extension ideas and designs. They can give you the added space you need at a price you can afford. It all starts with choosing the right floor plan.


3. Buy Second-hand Materials And Products


Buying second-hand building materials and products is a significant cost saving method to use when building a home extension on a limited budget. Many companies in Australia sell recycled building materials at low prices. Places like Recycled Building Centre and The Junk Map are good starting points.


4. Focus On The Things You Need, Not The Things You Want


To make your home extension budget go further, focus on building additions that give you the things you need instead of the things you want. While a game room with a dartboard and a billiards table would be fun, building a workspace, an additional bedroom or another bathroom may be what your home needs.


5. Do the Work You Can, Yourself


Doing as much of the work as you can to build your home extension can help you to keep

your costs down. Get a comprehensive construction manual, buy the building materials and seek out the advice, guidance and direction you need to make your house extension ideas come to fruition.


Where You Might Need Help


Even if you have the skills it takes to build your home extension yourself, there

are certain parts of the project where you may need the help of licenced professionals.

Some of those areas are:


In Australia, any plumbing, draining or gas fitting work on a property must be done by licenced plumbers. They know the requirements; safety codes and permits to ensure the job is done safely.



Australian law states licenced electricians must do all major electrical work on a home or business property. They must also provide compliance certificates which guarantee the work complies with all appropriate Australian standards. Plus, the fine for illegal electrical work is extremely high.



In Australia, only professionals with the appropriate licences and permits are legally allowed to do major renovations on and add extensions to the property.


A licence is required to do certain types of demolition in Australia. Only the licence

holder or their employee may do the partial or complete demolition of structures using controlled, pre-planned methods or procedures.




If you need help getting started, contact the experts at Oneflare for house extension tips for people on a small budget. Building the right type and size house extensions can help to make spending more time on a home more comfortable, productive and fun. Take a little time to discuss home extension ideas with your family. Together you can create house extension plans that meet everybody’s needs. It can be a ground floor extension or adding an upper floor.


Make sure to speak with your neighbours and the council in your area to ensure the home extensions you want to build are within local regulations. Your neighbours, family and friends may gladly pitch in their skills and labour and help lower the average house extension prices.

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