Transition Your Mind Into Fall With This Mental And Physical Cleanse

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Summer is supposed to be known as a fun time to relax. You take vacations, visit family and spend some time outside. All that comes with stress though, which is why it may be time to transition your mind.

As the earth shifts into autumn and begins to rest, let your body do the same. Having a fall cleanse can be great for you, since it will make you feel better and have more mental clarity at the same time. And with the upcoming holiday season, the sooner you can get peace of mind, the better winter you’ll have.


Work Those Toxins Out

Forming a daily exercise routine is good for your body during any time of the year, but if your goal in a cleanse is to get all bad toxins and thoughts out so you can replace them with positive energies, exercising is a must. You don’t have to do any hardcore training. In fact, exercising too intensely can sometimes have the ability to stress you out – totally not what you want to be doing during a time of mental rejuvenation!

Instead, focus on exercise that’ll get your body moving in a way that feels good for you. Go for a light jog when it gets cool in the evening, or join up with a local exercise class. Something like yoga or cycling will give you the chance to sweat out all your toxins and worries while still allowing you that refreshed feeling that comes after a good workout.

Morning Journal Entries

Much like exercising helps clear your body of any negatives left behind by summer, you need to find a way to clear your mind as well. Meditation is the more popular method of doing this, but it might not work for everyone.

In the mornings before you get to work, grab your cup of coffee and sit by an open window with a journal. Breathe in the cool morning air and take thirty minutes to just write. Write whatever you’re thinking about. These stream of consciousness journal entries will purge your brain of the worries and stresses it’s dealing with, giving you a better mental footing to start your day on.

Immune System Detox

Something that goes along with fall as much as pumpkins and fallen leaves is the flu. Whether you get yourself a flu shot or not, prepare your body to fight winter time illnesses by participating in an immune system detox.

You’ll spend some time focusing on drinking mainly juices that’ll cleanse and strengthen your body, but don’t think you’ll be hungry the whole time. Find a juice cleanse that has recipes with it so you can give your body the energy it needs to not only feel better but do better at whatever you’re busy with.

Listen To Your Body

Above all, the most important part about working to transition your mind is to listen to your body. Dedicate yourself to doing what your body needs for however long you do your cleanse. If you begin to get tired earlier, go get the sleep your body is asking for rather than powering through some extra work. Everything you’re doing is to better yourself, so don’t ruin your progress by ignoring what your body is asking for.


Participating in a fall cleanse to transition your mind can be a great thing to do once the hectic activities of summer begin to slow down. It’s always good to take a break from routine to come back to yourself and just be. During your cleanse this fall, decide what you need most—strength through exercise or refreshment through nutrition—and apply a special focus on getting that need met.

Don’t be afraid to personalize your cleanse either! Everyone is different, so your cleanse won’t look the same as anyone else’s. Prepare yourself to experience something new in order to achieve the peace you’re looking for. You’ll ultimately have a better time starting off the fall season once you’re physically and mentally in a better place.


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