Travel Destinations That Will Inspire Your Home Decor

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Travel is inspiring — this you know to be a fact. On your treks around the world, you’ve met new people, tried foreign foods and partaken in cultural activities that taught you a lot about yourself and the travel destinations that you’ve visited.

But travel can inspire you in more ways than one. Take your home’s decor, for example: a vibrant, stunning destination is more than enough to can spark an idea for an entire room’s design scheme. From colors, to patterns, to the general vibe, cities big and small can guide you through your decorating quest. All you have to do is pick a place and let the inspiration flow.

If you need a little bit of help, check out the following five cities. They’re all ripe with design ideas and motifs that will make your home’s decor — and your love for incorporating your travel destinations into your home — stand out:


Europe’s major cities are known for their age-old buildings, ornate cathedrals, cobble stoned streets… and then, there’s London. There are parts of the city that have that old-school charm, but a lot of the English capital has been built in recent years to accommodate population and industrial growth. As such, you’ll see ultra-modern skyscrapers next to iconic government buildings from centuries past.

In your London-inspired home, you, too, can blend modern with antique. In most cases, you’ll need one overly embellished accessory or piece of furniture to make the rest of your contemporary items pop. A sleek dining room table next to a detailed, gilded mirror, or a regal armchair covered in a fresh, new fabric, will make your home work just like London does.


Envision a Moroccan bazaar, with fabrics dangling, scents wafting from baskets full of spices and lanterns shedding a warm glow over it all. There’s plenty of inspiration to be had here, and not just in the shopping sense: you can make your home a Moroccan-inspired escape, too.

The most important rule is not to shy away from layers of fabric, all of which will be saturated jewel tones. Cover your existing sofa with throws and pillows in these hues. You can hang similar overhead lights to the lanterns sold in bazaars, or create your version of low lighting with small candles and votive holders. Finish off your Moroccan-style room with a few floor cushions and tile-covered tabletops to match the country’s architectural style.


There’s a reason why Tulum is one of the cities designers find most inspiring to their own work. The beach side town is entirely effortless, and your home can have the same bohemian, shabby-chic level of design. A light, breezy color on the walls and sheer white curtains that billow when you open the windows will give you that beach-inspired vibe.

But don’t go completely coastal with a Tulum-inspired space: it’s still in Mexico, after all, and there’s plenty of color to be had. Just think about the country’s signature striped blankets, which come in daring colors: one little pop of color will add energy to your space and will make it just as memorable as a beach side getaway.


Hitting the slopes is your favorite wintertime activity, so bring a little bit of the mountains to your day-to-day life. Your Aspen-inspired living space can manifest itself in many ways. You can take your mountain-inspired décor quite literally, brushing paint onto your wall to create a mural of your own.

You can take a more rustic approach with wood accents, such as a tree trunk coffee table. Or maybe a natural wood TV stand. Don’t forget to bring in a lot of the powdery, snowy color that signifies it’s time to grab your snowboard. A white sofa or shag rug will set the entire space off.

Costa Rica

Whether you hit the surf or explore the turf, Costa Rica is a colorful, lush, vibrant place. Therefore, your home decor inspired by the country should have that carefree feel to it, too.

Don’t shy away from color. Bedeck a neutral sofa with a plethora of throw pillows in bright hues inspired by the rain forest. Surround yourself with indoor houseplants, which boast health benefits as well as decorative ones. A natural jute rug fits into a Costa Rican-inspired design scheme, as well as artwork and photographs that are multi-hued.

See It, Repeat It

These are five of the many examples of how your favorite travel destinations can become a part of your home. No matter which travel destinations inspire you, if you follow your creative instinct, you’re sure to be pleased. And, if it motivates you to continue traveling, experiencing and decorating, then it’s an even better final product.


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    NIce blog pot Kacey, very inspiring indeed! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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      I am so glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thanks for commenting!

      Have a lovely weekend and safe travels!

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