Travel Is an Essential Form of Self Care

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Self care has become a hot topic in recent years and understandably so. In our society, people work themselves into the ground without thinking twice about it. They either don’t get enough vacation hours, or they feel the need to save them for later. But when will later actually get here? Once I realized that I was wasting my vacation time, I decided to live my traveling dreams, and I’ve never regretted it for a second.

Traveling is always a fun experience for me, and I’ve found that it’s most enjoyable at the times when I’m totally exhausted by life. That’s because travel truly is a form of self-care. I think everyone should get into the habit of traveling more, because it always makes me appreciate my life from a new perspective and come home feeling like I can breathe again. Check out some of the self-care benefits of traveling and then book your next flight!

Self-Care Will Come More Naturally

When I’m at home living my usual life, I have a daily routine that I stick with. Even if I’m stressed out, my routine has become instinctual. I have a hard time breaking out of it to step away from it all. Traveling ensures that I get out of my routine at least for a short time, which makes me treat myself better. I naturally want to splurge a bit on better food and new experiences.

You’ll Be Less Stressed

Okay, so the planning stages of traveling can be stressful depending on where you’re going. Hitting the beach alone for a weekend? No big deal. Spending time at an amusement park? That requires a lot of thought. However, once you’re at your destination, it’s been proven that your stress levels will decrease. That can be worth all the time and money in the world, especially to someone like me who just can’t seem to get away from the stress at home.

Food Will Be More Delicious

If you’ve been looking to try out some new foods, a vacation is the best time to do that. Not only will you be in a new place that will offer different options that you won’t be able to get back at home, you’ll also more likely enjoy the new foods too. Science has shown that being in a new physical location will make you more receptive to different recipes. So get out and go try that dish—chances are good that you’ll love it, I promise!

You Can Digitally Detox

Part of going on vacation means getting away from work, and yes, that means not responding to emails or phone calls. Whenever I’m on a trip, I set a certain amount of time each day to leave my phone behind in my room as part of my self-care vacation. But maybe you have the kind of job that really can be left behind in the office, so if that’s the case, dare to vacation somewhere deep in nature where you won’t be tempted with cell service or internet. It’ll still be there when you get back in a few days.


Like anyone else, I have simple ways to take care of myself while I’m at home and find myself feeling defeated by life. I like to do things like get my nails done or take a walk when the weather is nice. There’s always small ways to chip away at the stress I get every day, but I’ve found that the best way to truly indulge in self-care is to travel.

Everyone should really try traveling as a form of self-care at some point. The key is to go into it knowing you’re disconnecting and treating yourself. Even if it’s just one or two trips a year, traveling is an essential time to truly let go of all your worries and come back as a better version of your usual self.


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