Travel Tip: How to Keep Up with Your Natural Beauty Routine While You Travel

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It can be challenging to keep up with your natural beauty routine when you travel – I know it is for me. There’s limited space, size restraints and less time. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t plan ahead and make the space and time to follow your natural beauty routine.

Naturally, our skin, nails and bodies react to climate change, changes in air pressure and other changes to our surroundings. Our bodies also react to the things we put in it. I know when I travel, I have to drink three times as much water to keep hydrated. I also have to prep my skin beforehand or else face flaky dull skin on my trip. No one wants that.

Quit feeling like you have to sacrifice when you travel. Plan ahead and figure out how to maintain your natural beauty routine with these eight tips.

Go Makeup Free

You want to let your face breathe whenever you can. Travelling has turned into the perfect time for this natural beauty routine – at least for me. Personally, during travel days I feel best when my skin is bare, except for moisturizer and sunscreen. Otherwise, I like to let it breathe since it will likely take a hit from climate change and dry airplane air. Adding makeup into the mix will only increase your chances of irritation.


My skin always suffers when I fly because of dry airplane cabins. Add all of that recycled air to your skin, and you’ve got flaky dry skin on your hands. I find that moisturizing products that are plant derived work best for my skin. Keep your face as moisturized as possible, especially if you wear makeup.

Try a clear mask before you travel to lock in moisture, while also calming and rejuvenating your skin. I also use a pre-travel cucumber yogurt face mask to give my skin a nice glow. Mix two tablespoons of grated cucumber and half a cup of plain organic yogurt. Leave a layer on your face for at least 5-10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. I always finish with a clean, acidic skincare routine.

Always Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is arguably the most important skincare tip when it comes to traveling, so never hesitate – even if you visit a winter wonderland. Snow reflects sunlight and can increase your chances of burning. I always apply sunscreen before I head outside every day. It’s easy if you incorporate it into your morning routine. Then, if you plan to be outside during long periods of time, make sure you reapply sunscreen throughout the day.

I know it can smell strong, be too oily or add an extra step to your makeup, but its powerful positive effects are far too important to avoid adding it to your natural beauty routine.

Get Rid of Sleepy Eyes

We all suffer from puffy eyes, especially after a long flight. Try out de-puffing and brightening eye treatments with natural ingredients like – vitamin c, caffeine, hydraulic acid and ginseng. I use treatments before, during and after my travels to ensure the best results. Once on the ground, keep your eye cream in the fridge if you can.

If you have access to a cold spoon at your hotel or where you’re staying, I find that setting the rounded side of a cold spoon on your eyes will quickly de-puff them and make you feel refreshed. You can use this trick for your chin, cheeks and nose area as well.


This is one of my best tips because it’s simple and free. All you have to do is remember to hydrate more than you think is necessary. If traveling by plane, this is even more important because of high altitudes and dry air. You don’t want flaky skin or a dull complexion, along with a travel headache. If you can, try to drink 8 ounces of water per hour while you travel. I even keep an empty reusable water bottle with me so I can continuously fill it up anywhere.

Treat Your Hair

Your skin isn’t the only thing that’s affected when you travel. Your hair also stands the chance of drying out, depending on what climate you travel to. I apply a hair mask beforehand, then keep my hair tied up in a top knot so it can soak in the nutrients until I get to where I’m going and can rinse it out.  I try my best to only use beauty products that are plant based, that come from nature, with simple ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter.

Get Proper Amounts of Sleep

Sleep is important, even when you travel. While it’s tempting to just skip it all together to avoid wasting time, you shouldn’t. Especially during time zone changes. Get your body clock back on track with melanin. It may take time, but if you skip too much sleep, it will catch up to you both mentally and physically – I know it does for me. So get your beauty sleep, whether it’s during your flight or at your hotel. This will also prevent puffy eyes.

Eat Healthy

I know its vacation, but too many cheat meals will cause lots of regret. Control yourself – otherwise your skin and body will pay. When it comes to processed foods, limit yourself or better yet, avoid them all together. Try to eat whole foods like salmon, avocado, lots of veggies, etc.

It’s simple to keep up with your natural beauty routine when you travel, especially with the eight tips above. So say goodbye to puffy eyes, flaky skin and dull complexion because your natural beauty routine is ready to travel with you.


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    Great tips, Kacey. In fact, that going makeup-free part is appealing. I will definitely share your post with my wife so that she gets some ideas on natural ways to explore nature!! Thanks for the info. Keep writing.

      • kacey
      • July 30, 2018

      Hi Vijay!

      I am so glad you enjoyed the article, and appreciate that you will be sharing with your wife! 🙂

      Safe travels!

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