Use These 7 Tricks for a Simpler Life

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Use These 7 Tricks for a Simpler Life

Life is hard, but with the right approach, it can be a little bit easier.  At times, we may get frustrated over the littlest things, or complicate our life without even realizing it. For me personally, I like to enjoy my day by creating the least amount of hiccups possible so I am really able to focus on what I want to accomplish without the mishaps bogging down my day.  Lucky for you, here are eight tricks to help simplify those pesky inefficiencies of everyday life. Give them a shot and you’ll start to love how smart you’ve become at navigating life and the world around you!


2014-07-life-of-pix-free-stock-photos-keys-keys-mixture1) Nail Polish Keys

Say goodbye to fumbling for the right key.  All you need is your keys and some nail polish for this trick! Paint the tops of your keys with nail polish to color-code them.  If you are anything like me, figuring out which key belongs to your house, your business, your neighbors house, etc can be a tedious endeavor (and quite honestly, you may just look lost and helpless when you are standing at the doorstep trying to figure out which key you need).  With this easy trick, you’ll save money by not buying different looking keys or covers to do essentially the same thing.  Get creative!



2) Clump-Free Mascara Wands

We’ve all pulled our mascara wand out only to find it all clumpy, or even worse: your eye lashes are clumpy.  No body wants that. To avoid those “spidery eyelashes” and frustrating mornings, place your mascara wand under hot water to get it back to normal. With this tip, you shouldn’t have any problem getting your lashes long and beautiful.  Your morning makeup routines will be running smooth as ever!




3) Garbage Disposal Fresheners

Sometimes we want a bit of change in our lives without spending the money. This trick allows you to not only use the things that are already in your house, but make your living area smell fresh and enjoyable to be in.  Make your own garbage disposal fresheners with things that are already in your home. You can keep these under your sink and throw one into the disposal each day to freshen it and the area around your sink.



4) Cookie Sheet Cleaner

If you’ve baked a lot with cookie sheets, you know that they can get pretty nasty quickly. You may even be embarrassed to pull them out to make cookies when there are people around. Instead of throwing away old cookie sheets, you can clean them with cookie sheet cleaner.

This is much more effective than just running some water and dish soap on them or throwing them into the dishwasher. It actually gets your cookie sheets looking shiny and new again. To mix a batch, just combine hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and use them to scrub the sheet clean.



5) Dishwasher Cleaner

Your dishwasher may seem like it’s getting cleaned every time you run a cycle, but it’s not — it’s just your dishes that end up washed. An easy way to keep your dishwasher clean is to place a glass of vinegar on the top rack of your dishwasher and run a hot water cycle to clean it.

6) Magazine Rack Lid Holder

We’ve all seen those magazine racks in doctors’ offices. You may even have one in your home. If not, you might want to buy some and use them as pot holders. You won’t have to go fumbling around in your cabinets anymore if you have them all nicely placed on the rungs.




7) Cleaning Product Organizer

Cleaning products have a tendency to fall over easily. It’s a domino effect that can be frustrating to clean up. You can save time and quickly locate what you need by placing a curtain rod under your sink and hanging all of your cleaning products on it.

Before heading out to buy the shower curtain rod, be sure to measure the inside of the cabinet. You will need this measurement when you are choosing the rod. If a rod is the right fit, you will be able to install it easily and it will be secure.

As you can see, small changes in your daily life can make a big difference. Give these tricks a try to find out how much time and money they can save you in life, and your life will be simpler before you know it.


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