Wedding After-Party Planning: How to Host a Budget-Friendly Celebration

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The party doesn’t stop once the reception is over — which is where a wedding after-party comes into play. If you’re thinking of hosting an after-party but aren’t quite sure you can squeeze this festivity into your budget, you’re in luck! Not only is it feasible to throw a successful after-party with little-to-no cash invested, but it’s actually incredibly easy, too.

Why Hosting an After-Party Is Crucial

Let’s face it — weddings aren’t exactly the cheapest kind of celebration. So the thought of hosting another party aside from your reception may seem unwelcome. But, an after-party is one key part of your wedding you won’t want to skip — even if you’re on a tight budget.

Certain wedding venues close earlier in the night and aren’t open for late-night festivities or partying. But, your wedding day isn’t the time to just call it a night and go home!

An after-party is the perfect excuse to loosen up, chat it up with your guests and finish up the night. Just be sure to include your plans for an after-party in your wedding invitations — you won’t want your guests to miss out!

Decide on Your Location

So, you’ve decided to host an after-party. Great! But now you may be asking yourself, “now what?” If you’re on a budget, the first course of action is deciding the perfect, yet affordable, place to host this event.

Fortunately, you don’t need a huge space for your wedding after-party. More intimate spaces tend to be smaller and grant your guests the opportunity to get close and mingle with friends.

To avoid spending added costs on travel and transportation, pick a venue that’s only a few minutes away from your reception. It’ll make it easy for your guests to find your after-party while saving them money on traveling to your festivities, too.

Not sure where to turn for your space? Local bars, bowling alleys, arcades and hotels are always great options. Even better, ask if one of your guests is willing to host the after-party at their place. You won’t have to spend a penny on your location, but you’ll still enjoy the perks of having a party in an intimate space with your closest loved ones.

Don’t Fret Over the Aesthetics

You’ve likely gone all out for your actual wedding, but there’s no need to do the same for your after-party, too. Your guests have already been spoiled by an amazing reception. Now, they’re only craving the opportunity to loosen up their ties or kick off their heels.

Invest in a handful of affordable yet chic wedding decor pieces, but be careful not to go overboard. Just select a few items that go with the overall theme of your wedding, and your guests are sure to be more than thrilled.

Prep Small Bites Yourself

While everyone likely filled up on the food offered at your reception, dancing the night away at an after-party may just help them work up a new appetite. But if you’re worried about adding food into your budget, don’t be. Offering a few tasty treats is guaranteed to keep everyone content.

Whip out your apron and cook a couple dozen batches of cookies from scratch. Or, make mini cupcakes that are the perfect finger food option for your upcoming night. If you have some chef-inclined individuals on your guest list, invite them to bring a few of their own tasty treats, too.

Establish a Drinking Budget

While decor may not be too important for your wedding after-party budget, alcohol definitely is. After your guests spent a few hours gushing over your new love and indulging in a few scrumptious bites, they’re likely interested in unwinding the night with a drink.

But, buying alcohol for the whole house can be pricey. Fortunately, there are some budget-friendly alternatives to taking everyone out to a bar and letting them go haywire.

Consider providing a signature wedding cocktail and letting your guests cover the cost of any additional drinks they want — which is key when visiting a bar for your after-party.

For the younger guests, make sure to offer water and plenty of fruity drinks, too.

Remember to Have Fun!

When it comes to planning a wedding after-party, the key is to have fun. Fortunately, having a great time costs you approximately zero dollars, so you’ll be able to throw a brag-worthy after-party on virtually any budget.

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