Wedding Influencer Tips to Remember on Your Special Day

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Your wedding day is one of the most exciting occasions of your life. In all likelihood, you’ve spent months planning and organizing so everything can go right. But even after so much preparation, a wedding influencer may suggest other things you need to keep in mind if you want the day to run smoothly.

On your wedding day, you should be able to relax and celebrate without the stress. Here are a few wedding influencer tips you should remember to make your special day as enjoyable as possible.

Leave Plenty of Time for Everything

Though there’s a lot you’ll need to do on your wedding day — from getting ready to greeting guests— you should make it a top priority to leave yourself as much wiggle room as possible. Rushing around, especially on such an important day, is a mistake that can take some of the joy out of the occasion.

In order to make sure you have plenty of time to sit back and enjoy your wedding experience, schedule your day ahead of time, using liberal estimates that account for things like late transportation and much-needed alone time. In particular, you’ll want to give yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning so there’s no stress getting down the aisle on time.

Scheduling generously can relieve wedding-day stress and leave you more time to enjoy the celebration.

Put Away Your Phone

During the planning phase of your wedding, you’ll likely need to be in constant contact with the people you’re relying on, like vendors, guests and wedding party members. However, on the day-of, it’s a good idea to put away your phone so you can be completely in the moment.

At the beginning of the day, hand over your phone to someone you trust, like a bridesmaid or parent. Enlist them to monitor your phone for any last-minute questions from guests and vendors, but ask them to only notify you if there’s an emergency. If you have a wedding planner that could take over this responsibility, even better.

When you set aside your phone on your wedding day, you’re less likely to get distracted and more able to focus on having a good time. It’s no surprise that lots of wedding influencers swear by this simple rule.

Take Care of Your Body

On your wedding day, you’ll be active pretty much from sunrise to sunset. Though you might not always be at a scheduled event, it’s likely you’ll be chatting, posing for pictures and standing pretty much constantly. When you consider the fact that you’ll probably also be wearing less-than-comfortable formal wear, taking care of your body becomes extra important.

In order to supply your body with the energy it needs to get you through your big day, make hydration and healthy eating a priority. Always keep a water bottle nearby and have a friend remind you to take sips throughout the day. To keep yourself from getting hungry, pack healthy snacks like nuts or fruit to munch on between activities. And don’t skip breakfast! You’ll regret it if you run out of energy halfway through the day.

Furthermore, make sure to actually eat at your reception. Though it’s great that you want to chat with all your guests, you don’t want to miss out on the yummy food everyone else is enjoying. If you’re worried this might be an issue, invite guests to come to you or wander around with a plate in hand.

Take Time for Yourself

For the introverts out there, an entire day spent being the center of attention could be draining. Though of course you’ll want to socialize with your guests, spend time with your partner and maybe even get wild celebrating, you should consider scheduling time into your day that’s meant just for you.

Some wedding influencers find that alone time is one of the things most often forgotten by people on their wedding days. For people who are prone to social burnout, anxiety and sensory overload, this is an even bigger problem.

In order to make sure you can enjoy your wedding day without feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, consider scheduling short, personal breaks every hour or two. A few minutes to get some space, stretch and take some deep breaths can make a huge difference in how you feel throughout the day.

Enjoy Time With Your Partner

When all is said and done, the most important part of your wedding is its significance as the start of your married life. Though your wedding day will surely be full of great memories with all of your guests, make sure you and your new spouse get a little time to enjoy each other’s company. When you look back, you’ll remember those little moments just as much as your speeches and that delicious cake.

Your wedding day is a time to celebrate your love, so don’t feel pressure to do anything except what makes you happy as a couple. By focusing on you two, you’ll have an easier time making your wedding an enjoyable rather than stressful occasion.


Though a lot of planning goes into a successful wedding, don’t be hesitant to sit back and enjoy yourself on the actual day. By following tips from wedding influencers, you’ll be able to celebrate the day without the stress.

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