Weekend Dos: Catch a Break

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The endless to-do lists seem to pile up sometimes. You go to bed feeling like your head is spinning. You can’t remember the last time you did something you didn’t actually have to do. How many times have you asked:

“I need more hours each day.”

“I don’t have time to do that.”

“I can’t remember the last time I did something just for fun.”

You aren’t alone. Sometime we pile ourselves so high with tasks that are must-dos and have-tos that we get lost in the shuffle and our own well-being is no longer a priority. We spend our weekends cleaning the house, running errands, planning trips, etc. without any moment to just stop and breathe.

This is a very dangerous line to walk, and you will be extremely close to completely burning yourself out. thinking on mountain

Taking care of you allows you to take care of others.

No matter how busy you are or what is left on your to-do list, making yourself a priority and taking care of your own mental and physical health will allow you to be better equipped to take care of those around you. Put yourself first or at least on an even level. You’ll be more efficient and prepared to help them achieve their needs, wants and goals, and above all you won’t feel like you are about to go crazy.

What is the most effective method to start nurturing yourself? Well, that answer is different for everyone. But, here are nine ways that will give you some ideas to get started on that weekend where you catch a break and have a good time.

Try a yoga class. yoga

You’ll be able to relax, energize and get some exercise in all at once. This will help your overly busy self-kind of cope with the unfinished list of to-dos back home. You’ll be taking care of your health, which is so incredibly important.

Turn off all your devices. phone

Disconnect. Do it. Tell everyone the week before that this coming weekend you won’t be reachable and turn your brain off from technology. If they know ahead of time, you’ll help lessen the blow of ‘FOMO’, and you also won’t be tempted to do any work either.

Take off on an adventure. palm-trees

If you’re the traveling type, then you’re bogged down persona needs a little getaway to rejuvenate. Whether that is a road trip to the next town, a quick jaunt to the beach or a weekend hike nearby is not important. Your objective is to get out and have a little adventure seeing or doing something new.

Curl up with your favorite book. reading

Pick up a book that isn’t required reading for a new work case study or research. Pick up one of those steamy Harlequin novels with the embarrassing covers if that helps you keep it non-serious, or pick one off of Oprah’s list. Then curl yourself up with some tea and a blanket in your favorite spot and just get lost in another world. Escapism can be good for the brain sometimes.

Spend quality time with friends. friends adventuring

Maybe your busy to-do list has kept you from participating in social activities, and you’ve missed the last five or six meet ups with your family and friends. Change it. Fill your love tank and theirs by spending quality time doing something simply for fun. As human beings, we need human contact. Don’t forget that.

Do something you’ve always wanted to do — be brave. long boarding

Don’t say “I don’t have time for that” anymore. Sign up for a tango class, learn a foreign language, try long boarding or even go skydiving. Whatever that bucket list item is that has been staring you in the face for ages, take this time for yourself and cross it off. You’ll not only have a great time, but you’ll also come back with a feeling of accomplishment.


Try your hand at meditation. meditation

There really is something to be said for meditation during the day and before sleep. We can have a hard time turning off our brains, even when we are trying to relax. Meditation can help with that, and it’s not difficult to get started.

Do nothing. resting

Yes. Literally nothing. You might find this actually kind of challenging at first because you are so used to always being on the move. It’s a good exercise to just stop and be in the moment. You’ll take notice of other things around you that you didn’t notice before. You’ll be present.

Obviously these suggestions are not absolute. This is why they are suggestions. If you’ve come up with another idea that better suits you, great. Go for it. The whole point of take this time to give yourself a break is to do what makes you happy. Now go! Relax! You’ve earned it.


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